You’re Allowed to Change

I’m not the same person I was last year.  You probably aren’t the same person you were last year either. As humans, we’re always evolving, changing, growing deeper into who we truly are. It’s one of the most magnificent things about being alive. But when it came to my business, this used to make me nervous. All the business advice…

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A Reading for 2024

I woke up on New Year’s Day to a sense of lightness. Did you feel it too?  After being up for hours in the night with my daughter, I figured I’d be ornery and tired come morning. (I normally am after nights like this.) But instead, I felt a levity I haven’t felt in a while. A…

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Your Connection to the Otherworld

It always surprises me. I’m not sure why, I should know by now that it’s coming. As soon as the temperature tips, the dreams start again. Nearly every night my loved ones who’ve passed appear—vividly, repeatedly, and always with some sort of task. The task is different every year. Sometimes it’s a ritual to bring healing…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

The Earth is your Valentine

In English we only really have one word for love. In Ancient Greek, however, there was a whole vocabulary to describe the wondrous variety of love that we can experience on this planet. There was philia for friendship love, stroge for the love of one’s kin and, of course, the infamous eros, that burning…

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Lightning Storms In Late Winter

A few weeks ago, we had a lightning storm here in the mountains. It was still February, but an eerie warm front had swept through, melting the hillsides and changing the texture of the sky. I was sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea when suddenly the clouds began flickering. I looked…

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A Snow Globe, Shook

I was watching a cat, calico and sunning herself on the metal roof of our shed, when the weather suddenly shifted. One moment the light was grazing contentedly upon the emptied winter landscape and the next, the whole earth had clouded over with snow. Moody and feline, more than falling, the thick flurries raced…

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