Your Connection to the Otherworld

It always surprises me. I’m not sure why, I should know by now that it’s coming. As soon as the temperature tips, the dreams start again. Nearly every night my loved ones who’ve passed appear—vividly, repeatedly, and always with some sort of task. The task is different every year. Sometimes it’s a ritual to bring healing…

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Your Otherworld Task

Every autumn there is a deep, fire-lit opportunity to make a lasting change in your life.  As the Earth shifts through her colors, you have the ability to shift just as rapidly in your own evolution and expansion.  Change is possible all year-round, of course, but when the distance between the worlds thins in autumn, you’re able…

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How I Healed from Lyme disease

Chronic illness has been a part of my journey in this life. It’s been my greatest challenger, the genesis of my darkest nights—and my greatest spiritual teacher. I was in my late teens when I first developed a set of strange, nebulous symptoms my doctors couldn’t piece together. Chronic yeast infections, terrible migraines and…

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How to Work with Local Stones

When I’m working through hard things I often slip into thinking that I need something dramatic to shift it. A ten day retreat, a brand new healing regime, an exotic medicine from far away. But every healing crisis we ever move through is always guiding us to the same realization… You already have everything you need to heal. When…

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How I Met my Future Self

The first time I met my future self I was in the thick of Lyme disease.  It had been several years since I first contracted the illness and had fumbled together a life that looked functional on the outside, but was filled with fatigue and frequent collapses inside.  Then, I got Lyme disease for a second time….

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Meeting your Future Self

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of the future.  I remember being a little kid on long car drives, staring out the window at the moon as she glided alongside us, thinking about the possibilities of what was to come. What would the future hold in my life? What adventures? What potential? What love? Often, when I…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

Hellebore in snow

The Feminine Mysteries of Winter

I walked up the fog-laden path. I could hear sheep grazing nearby, but couldn’t see them through the thick wool of the clouds. I knew I was getting close because the air itself seemed to still. Then, out of the mists, arose the mound, an outcropping of stone associated with the most ancient Goddess of…

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Navigating the Holidays as an Empath

I’ve often found that magic and sensitivity go hand-in-hand. Some of the most magical people I know, are also the most sensitive. Through the years of coming to recognize just how tender my own inner landscape can be, I’ve realized that, instead of being a hindrance, my sensitivity is actually what enables me to see those…

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The Slow Dark Enchantment

Real magic takes time… and a lot of it. Like crystals growing in the deep, the biggest miracles often form far beneath the surface, and need a long fertile stretch of darkness before they can come to light. When the possibility of magic is afoot we will often be asked to slow down so immensely…

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