What does it mean to be “in process”?

The earth in our garden is ready for planting. How do I know? 

It looks like a “mess.”

The cozy mulch of winter leaves has decomposed into wet clumps. Here and there chunks of soil push up in a riot of disorganized weeds and the compost is spilling out of its pen, bursting into lawns of chickweed. 

It’s disorganized, messy…and churning with possibilities

This is “being in process.”

I’ve always loved the term “being in process,” it captures something I deeply need to remember about existence. That the richest times in life aren’t at the beginning or end, but the chaotic middle. And that it’s in exactly these moments, when we think we have nothing figured out, that grace finds us.

I’m in a big moment of being “in process” in my life. Two years after my entrance into motherhood, and the publication of my first book, I look around and notice that everything in my life feels like freshly turned soil. I’m not who I once was…but I’m not yet who I’ll be. I’m in process, and it’s as life-giving as a garden bed seeded with chickweed.

Do things feel a bit messy, unstable, or unsure in your life right now?

Do you wake up in the morning sensing that there’s a new rhythm, realization or breakthrough en route…but it hasn’t landed quite yet?  

You might be in process, too.

Watch my new video to find out what that means and why this might be one of the most creative phases in your life.

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Because let’s be real, with mercury still in retrograde, surfing the waves of this recent eclipse season, we’re all in process right now. As a world, as a collective, as a cosmos. So if you’re in process too, you’re right at home.

I was reminded of this as I traveled to Texas this past week to experience totality unfold. As we sat on a rootop and watched the world go dark, it felt like glimpsing the hidden truth behind every transformation.

That when we’re transfiguring into the next phase of our existence, what we know of ourselves, our life, will be eclipsed.

And in those moments when things feel most confusing, most unsettling, most dim, the most incredible, life-altering things will happen.

You’ll see the corona of who you truly are, shining—radiating—from behind all the layers.

So let the eclipse happen. Let yourself be in process. Let it be messy or dark or off-kilter. Because you, becoming your truest self, is what happens on the other side.


P.S. Keep reading for the flower essence that I go back to again and again when I’m in the midst of a big change. It never fails to help me let the process unfold with gentleness…

P.P.S. Scroll to the bottom for a photo of me watching Monday’s eclipse unfold 

Violet Flower

Violet Flower Essence

Self-acceptance | Inner peace | Calm within change

Violet opens a space of deep self-acceptance and contentment with one’s life. A wonderfully supportive ally during breakups, major heart transitions, or in times of self-exploration, Violet will help you find the sources of nourishment that truly fill your wells. Violet encourages a commitment to be warm and generous towards oneself, helping separate the negative feelings of loneliness from the incredible gift of alone-ness. This beloved flower helps us to appreciate stillness, mindful observation, moments of silence, and the sweet peace of being. Violet can expand your abilities as a listener, both to yourself and the voices of nature, bringing you into deeper communion with the spirit of matter. Like the warm possibilities of an early spring day, Violet essence evokes a sense of comfort and contentment within this moment of your journey.

Photo by Paul Wittau @astropaultography, a lovely astrophotographer we met on site during the eclipse