Opening your Doors Again

Last week I opened the doors to my house.
It was a glorious early spring day, the hillsides were bursting with daffodils and a robin was singing, singing from a nearby tree. 
I’d opened the doors in winter, of course, but always in a hurried manner, holding them for a second while I hauled wood in from the porch before firmly pushing them closed.
But last week, for the first time, I opened them. 
Front door, back door, I opened them and let the warmcold wind of early spring sweep through the spine of my house. It felt like an invocation.
There are times in life when we need to have our doors shut. When it’s necessary to seal the entryways to keep some vital aspect of our warmth in. Like a bear wintering within a spruce-lined den—these times of insulating ourself as we work through something in the underground of our life are important.
But then, one day, when you least expect it, the sun will pour down like spring honey to the Earth and suddenly you’ll know—it’s time to open the doors again.
I thought about this as I went outside to collect chickweed and make my first spring pesto of the season.
Basket in hand, I looked back through the open doorway and felt as if I was looking back through the last several years of my life.
The pandemic. My pregnancy. Two years of being post-partum. I looked back and saw the interior nature of these past years. The den— dark, sheltered, spruce-lined and necessary—that I’m just now emerging from.

It’s vulnerable to open one’s doors again to life, so much can enter— water, wasps, the wind moving so strongly it ripples the carpet across the floor— but it’s also profoundly thrilling.

Because opening our doors means something new can reach us, like the spicebush blossoms I find drifted into the foyer. When we open our doors new ideas, new possibilities, new love can come in.

We all go through different seasons in our lives, and yet, even in the innermost places there are doors, always doors, that are waiting to be opened.

So what doors are ready to open in your life, dear one? 

You may not be able to see the other side yet, but you can probably feel it. 

The unnamable surprise, the welcome change, the freedom of greeting who you’ve always been.

The sense that your life is a tulip, opening, opening to your own unfolding.

P.S. Every spring I come back to this essence like it’s rainwater after the dry season. It never fails to revivify my spirit, helping me feel the joy of life’s possibilities again…

Cherry Blossom Flower

Cherry Blossom Flower Essence

Enthusiastic joy | New Beginnings | Childlike wonder

Cherry Blossom encourages a profound enthusiasm for life, opening your heart in childlike wonder and delight. By releasing doubt and negativity, Cherry Blossom helps you refresh your perspective and see the wondrous potential in all things. This sweet essence promotes a deep trust in existence and the ability to believe in new beginnings. If you’ve been hurt in the past or feel nostalgic for a time of greater lightness and freedom, Cherry Blossom will help you rediscover your hope and reinstate joy at the center of your life. Perfect for fresh starts, moving locations, or new relationships, this uplifting essence will aid you in letting go of old stories, so you may establish a harmonious alliance with fate. Cherry Blossom is a sunlit doorway, inviting you to experience the brightness of existence.