A Reading for 2024

I woke up on New Year’s Day to a sense of lightness. Did you feel it too? 
After being up for hours in the night with my daughter, I figured I’d be ornery and tired come morning. (I normally am after nights like this.) But instead, I felt a levity I haven’t felt in a while. A sense of hope and possibility, the steadiness of positive things coming.
I have a good feeling about 2024.
Every January I do an intuitive reading for the year ahead—a look at the main metaphor and themes that the Earth is giving us as we walk into this new cycle.
This year, the theme was about everything finally coming together.
Watch the video and find out what’s waiting for you in 2024, dear one.

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Speaking of nourishing and exciting things on the horizon… I’m teaching a free live class coming up in a few weeks.
Specifically tailored for all my empath entrepreneurs, the class is all about how to create a business that actually nurtures your nervous system. (Seriously, it’s possible.)
I’ll be in your inbox next week with more details.
Until then, may the sense of possibilities for your life continue to unfurl as you step deeper into the open landscape of this new year.