Opening your Doors Again

Last week I opened the doors to my house. It was a glorious early spring day, the hillsides were bursting with daffodils and a robin was singing, singing from a nearby tree.  I’d opened the doors in winter, of course, but always in a hurried manner, holding them for a second while I hauled wood in from…

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Are you on the threshold?

I walked up to the stone threshold and just stood there. The old tower was at the top of a green-lit hill, rising clear into the sky like a standing stone. As I approached the entrance, the wind kicked up. It voomed past me and through the open doorway.  I paused. Beyond the doorway, across the dark…

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You’re Allowed to Change

I’m not the same person I was last year.  You probably aren’t the same person you were last year either. As humans, we’re always evolving, changing, growing deeper into who we truly are. It’s one of the most magnificent things about being alive. But when it came to my business, this used to make me nervous. All the business advice…

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A Reading for 2024

I woke up on New Year’s Day to a sense of lightness. Did you feel it too?  After being up for hours in the night with my daughter, I figured I’d be ornery and tired come morning. (I normally am after nights like this.) But instead, I felt a levity I haven’t felt in a while. A…

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Most Beloved Blogposts

Dealing with Summertime Sadness

Summer has its own darkness. Thunderstorms, closed canopies, forests cast in shadow. Twilight woodlands where mushrooms bloom. For all its long hours of light, summer is a very literally dark time in my house. Built in the middle of a forested grove, every year my home becomes a deeply shaded cave during the summer…

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Summer’s Fullness

On the other side of the strawberry moon, after the late spring blossoms of Beltane and the thick pulses of Hawthorn blooms arises a season that weaves itself around the helm of a single word – fullness. At this point in the season the full arrival of summer is undeniable. Roses are spilled like…

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