You’re Allowed to Change

I’m not the same person I was last year. 
You probably aren’t the same person you were last year either.
As humans, we’re always evolving, changing, growing deeper into who we truly are. It’s one of the most magnificent things about being alive.
But when it came to my business, this used to make me nervous. All the business advice out there says to pick a niche, be consistent, stay the course…
But that’s not the reality of how evolution works on this planet.

Sometimes we grow like redwoods, steadily expanding our heartwood year after year. But sometimes we grow like a sunflower, rapidly ascending in the short span of a summer. Or a moonflower, opening spectacularly overnight.
Our growth won’t always be on a known timetable. And it certainly won’t ever be what we anticipated. How we grow, what we grow into, what calls to us, is often a surprise—blessedly so.
Like reaching a valley dotted with wildflowers amid your ascent up a mountain, when you stumble across these unseen places in yourself, you come alive.
The amazing thing is—rather than limit this potential, your business can support you in this unfolding
When I started allowing myself to evolve out loud in my business, to change course, to follow new directions without fear—my business only got more successful. 
So much so that my business is now the garden where even the biggest leaps in my growth are held
No matter what change I’m going through, my business supports me like a trellis, like rich soil, like a flower bed with every kind of medicine.
I’m not afraid to change anymore, because I’ve seen first-hand that when you have a soul-led business, any step you take towards your own unfoldment will only bring greater abundance.

If you’re an empath or a sensitive this space to unfold is even more essential. As people who are deeply attuned to the needs of others, it can feel hard to give yourself permission to evolve out loud, to no longer be the person you once were for others. 

But the reality is, empaths and sensitives are complex, deep and changing.

We have layers—a lot of them

And part of our purpose in this lifetime is to feel safe enough to let them all unfold. 

Because when an empath or sensitive allows themselves to evolve, it gives permission for everyone around them to sink with relief into their own transformation. 

So what is one change you’ve been holding back because you’re afraid of what people might think?

Can you feel in your body how liberating it might be to simply embrace that new era? 

If you’re ready to take that next step in your evolution, with a business that supports you like your own secret garden, come join me in Business as a Spiritual Journey.

Designed for all my fellow sensitives and empaths out there, the course will help you dissolve any blocks to creating your business so it can become a vehicle—pure and simple—for your soul’s unfoldment here on Earth.

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I can’t wait to support you in this new era that’s blossoming for you, dear one.