Mirrors in the Earth Essence Collection


Mirrors in the Earth Essence Collection


Gaze into nature and have healing rise to meet you with these essences from Mirrors in the Earth.

In the biggest moments of my life, I make flower essences.

These four essences were created from four huge life moments, and four core stories from my book Mirrors in the Earth.

Crafted when those stories took place— from the actual plants and stones who helped to deliver those life-changing messages— this limited-edition collection is a rare treasure trove of healing.

Deepen the healing the Earth delivered to you in Mirrors in the Earth with these medicines from the book.

Collection includes:

Mica essence (from the piece I picked up on the forest floor that fateful day) for seeing your goodness

Pink Lady’s slipper essence (from the moment I lost my way on the path) for embracing your sensitivity as a strength

Willow essence (from that nurturing riverbank of willows) when you need to feel the world’s forgiveness and come back to your belonging

Reishi essence (made from the Reishi tree itself) for claiming the profound gifts you’re meant to bring to this world.

Purchase the collection on its own or with a signed copy of Mirrors in the Earth in the complete healing collection.

Made with gluten free brandy and pure mountain water. Collection comes with medicine cards + collectible box.

Essences are 0.5 oz dosage bottles (Learn more about Flower Essences)