Want to book Asia for a podcast or speaking engagement? Check out the Media Kit for our contact form, approved assets and press info.

Want to book Asia for a podcast or speaking engagement? Check out the Media Kit for our contact form, approved assets and press info.

“Suler’s sense of wonder is infectious, and her prose exudes her boundless reverence for nature…Spiritual nature lovers will treasure [her] meditative [work]”


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Earth Intuition, Self-compassion, and Healing on the Rising Women Leaders podcast with Meredith Rom

There is a deep, intuitive knowing that arises from our connection to the Earth, and that stream of wisdom is here to hold us, nurture us, and teach us how to live in alignment—with our own bodies, and with the planet herself. In this gentle conversation, Asia and Meredith explore the initiations that open us up to a wider communion with the Earth, the magic and medicine of Mugwort and Rose, how self-compassion actually helps us become a medicine for this world, and more. Incredible things can happen when we give ourselves permission to be who we are.

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Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth on The Good Dirt Podcast

Asia sits down with Mary and Emma, the mother-daughter pair behind “Lady Farmer,” to talk healing with the Earth—and why self-healing is the first step to ecological repair. This conversation explores the what and why of flower essence therapy, the unique geological history of the Appalachian mountains (and why this has made it a power-place for healing), Asia’s deepest vision for her work, and more. If you could use encouragement or inspiration on your own path of self-healing, this episode is for you.

The Herbalist Hour Ep. 61 on the HerbRally Podcast

Healing can be a paradox: it will sometimes ask us to both believe in possibility, and be willing to let it all fall apart along the way. Asia explains why when nothing seems to be working for you, there’s likely a deeper evolution underway. Join Asia and Mason as they explore goodness in the human and more-than-human world, Asia’s early days in herbalism, the power of story, and more in this warm conversation.

From Pain to Purpose and Finding your True Self on the Embrace and Expand podcast

Believing we are undeserving is often the one thing standing between us and our most profound breakthroughs and support. Asia shares why it’s often in crises that those walls of self-worth related resistance break down, and we are finally able to access the wider, guiding benevolence at the center of our world. Asia and Adam discuss the dynamics behind why inner child work may be at the center of the collective consciousness right now, and the kind of healing we all truly crave.

A highly sensitive nervous system is like a Stradivarius violin—capable of the most exquisite resonance when cared for as the precious instrument that it is. From boundaries and centering, to honoring the time we need to integrate life’s greatest lessons, Asia and Jazmine explore the tools and perspectives that help us thrive as highly sensitive people. Listen till the end for guidance on connecting with a plant ally near you, Asia’s take on the complexities of motherhood, and to get the scoop on what she’s writing today.

Asia Suler, Author of Mirrors in the Earth on the Caravan of the Heart Podcast

I am not good. A thoughtform as subtle as a burr in an animal’s fur, and yet powerful enough to evict us from our sense of belonging—first to ourselves, and then to the natural world. But the Earth is invested in our homecoming, and when we remember our own nature, we access our energy and gifts once more. Asia shares the gems of wisdom that emerged on her journey home, and powerful practices for healing that you can try today.

EP179: Mirrors in the Earth on the Late Learner Podcast

Host Allison Hare shares her experience with reading Mirrors in the Earth, and guides a thoughtful conversation with Asia exploring topics like visibility, self-compassion vs. narcissism, the initiatory function of our greatest challenges, and more. A talk to remind you of your deep belonging on Earth, and our role as sacred volunteers for these times.

Mirrors of the Earth a podcast interview on Mountain Zen Den with Brett Wilson

When we are connected to the Earth, intuition—and healing—can flow. Asia answers the question, “what is shamanism?” and explains how looking to our own, and our collective past, can help us approach the future with resilience and hope. Listen till the end of the interview, and get the details on Asia’s personal meditative practice.

Earth-Centered Personal Growth on the Soul Soil podcast

When intellectual cynicism is prized, and ecological overwhelm is rampant, the Earth is calling you home to your deeper belonging. To relationship with the unseen world, to living with greater intention, to the medicine of the small and slow, and to remembering that you are just as natural, and as good, as the rest of the living world. Asia and Brooke revisit key moments from Mirrors in the Earth, and share the wisdom and practices that can help you bloom where you are—and become a source-point of powerful medicine in this world.

Reishi Mushrooms with Asia Suler on the Herbs with Rosalee Podcast

Reishi is not only a heart-nourishing nervine, but a powerful ally that will help you settle the spark of your spirit back into its true home in the physical—your heart. Join this rich conversation between Asia and Rosalee, so you can embody your deepest, heart-centered magic, and become an alchemist on the earth. Ready to work with this healing mushroom? Check out the show notes, and grab Asia’s recipe for Maple Reishi Truffles!

Asia Suler Talks Connecting to The Earth on the Courageous Wellness Podcast.

Asia talks with Aly and Erica about her influences and inspirations—including a college professor who helped her see spirituality in a new light, and her latest favorite read. They cover a lot of ground, including each of the five Earth Healing Archetypes, how to relate with technology in a way that works for you, and the three-part journey to healing with the Earth. Listen in.

Episode 147 – Asia Suler: Mirrors in the Earth on the Revelation Project Podcast with Monica Rogers

Taking your time is medicine for your ancestral lines, and coming home to yourself can be the journey of a lifetime. Asia and Monica explore our projects as our spirit guides, how our seasonal reverie can teach allowance, and the vulnerability of returning to hope. Grab a favorite blanket, and join two companions on your brave and beautiful journey home.

Let the Earth Heal You on the Psychic Teachers podcast

Asia sits down with intuitives Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen to talk Mirrors in the Earth, parenting as an Earth intuitive, the special magic of fall and winter, and more. Tune in for a sweet conversation, including allies and medicine for the growing edges of our lives.

Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World on the Feed Your Wild podcast, with Venessa Rodriguez

Just like in a well-planned garden, people bloom in different seasons—and your unique timing is a natural, and important, part of the overall ecology of our world. Asia shares the reliable question that helps her discern her path in any season, and a few of the flower essences that can support you wherever you are in yours. Listen in to hear her core spiritual practice through busy times, and receive a technique for finding your true voice amidst the noise. Enjoy!

Episode 74: An Interview with Asia Suler on the Magick and Alchemy podcast, with Kate Belew and Kristen Lisenby.

Humans are shapers and movers, those who can work on behalf of the Earth to bring more beauty and diversity to this planet—and each of us have a unique role to play in her healing. Asia shares a simple technique for beginning to cultivate a healing relationship with a being of the Earth, a flower essence to help open your perception of magic, and the reasons why being in your own world, cultivating boundaries, and following your passions are invaluable parts of your journey back into the fold. Kate and Kristen open the episode answering reader questions, and then guide us through this rich conversation with Asia.

Asia Suler – Mirrors in the Earth on the Way of the Dreamer Radio Show

Asia’s teacher Robert Moss inquires into the kind of wakeful dreaming in nature that inspired Asia’s first book, Mirrors in the Earth. From learning to see our lives as gardens in a postage-stamp plot in Brooklyn, to understanding the language of birds one drowsy afternoon in the woods, Asia shares how each of us are being called home to ourselves by the Earth—so that we can become a part of the wider dreaming once more. Find a comfy spot to listen, and enjoy a special guided journey in this episode.

Finding ourselves in the Mirrors of the Earth
Harmony Nixon hosts, on the Seeking Wild Beauty podcast

Your inspiration is a guide—not only to what is asking to come through you, but to what is coming through for you. Asia delves into the earth-guided process of writing her book, the biggest barrier to the creative process, and the powerful dreams and lessons that have guided her along the way. A must-listen for all highly-sensitives and creatives.

Episode Four: Hanging out with Tenae Steward and Asia Suler
A video interview on Maybe Magic, hosted by Maia Toll.

What do the Earth and the Stars say about the healing we are being called to as a collective? Asia joins authors Maia Toll and Tenae Stewart for a roundtable conversation on the nature of healing, and the surprising ways it might be guiding us.

Earth Centered Healing through Mirrors in the Earth
An interview by Tonio Epstein on The Magical Mystery Tour

An expansive and thought-provoking interview, Asia and Tonio dive deep into the Earth-given messages informing her new book. Asia answers why the Earth is invested in our healing, and how boundaries, self-forgiveness, and being present are keys—to our own healing, and to embodying the medicine we are here to be on this planet.

Asia joins her longtime friend Amber for a heartening conversation around how she chose her child’s name, visiting sacred sites, and how the Earth can help us see beyond patterns of self-criticism—so we can not only recognize our gifts, but appreciate our whole selves once more. Settle in for a nourishing conversation with friends.

A great chat with Kilkenny from Modern Mystic, with topics like the plants as Elders, how metaphors reveal deeper truths, your Wider Self, and more. Listen in.

How to Connect with Nature on the Evolutionary Herbalism blog

Hit “play” at the top of the page to hear Asia interviewed by author, teacher, and herbalist Sajah Popham, or keep scrolling for a beautiful write-up on how connecting to the Earth, our inner worlds, and self-compassion can help us not only heal ourselves, but this planet.

Empath, Earth’s Lessons, and Life Healing on the Saturday Series of Molly’s Morning Meditations podcast.

Sarah and Molly sit down with Asia to talk about what it means to be an Earth Intuitive, the five Earth-healing archetypes, thriving as a sensitive person, and Mirrors in the Earth. Settle in for a few behind-the-scenes glimpses into Asia’s creative process with the Earth.

Asia Suler – writer, teacher, medicine maker on the Beyond podcast with daphne cohn

Healing can be infintely more complex than conventional wisdom of “take this for that.” Asia and Daphne talk about how to write in co-creation with the earth, find your belonging, tap into the gifts of your pelvic bowl, and more.

How following your hunches and letting nature guide you can lead you down incredible paths—not only of healing—but of finding your destiny. Asia and Tahnee come together in sweet conversation about Asia’s journey, and explore topics like stone medicine, daoism, and the Pussy Portal.

Episode 60: Herbalism, talking to plants + self-gentleness on the Be Real Podcast with Eliza Reynolds.

On this podcast made for girls, Asia shares how to talk and listen to plants, herbal teas that can help us cope with life stressors, what an herbalist is and how to start learning, and more! Listen or share with a girl you love <3

Season 2 Episode 16 of The Knowing podcast.

Our personal journeys are gifts that we are meant to bring to this planet, and the beings in nature can our guides. Asia and Ciel talk the limits of intellect, a practice for connecting with the animate world, the gifts that come with grief, and more and this thoughtful exploration .

Earth Healing Archetypes on the Enlightened Empaths podcast.

Each of us has a guiding archetype in our lives, and in this interview Asia shares about the quiz she created to help you find yours. Inspired by clinical experience and the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Earth Healing archetypes reveal the nature of the gifts you carry.

Episode 100 of the Magic Monday Podcast with Natasha Levinger and Tess Whitehurst

Natasha and Tess talk embodied holding patterns and being with what is. Asia joins at 30 minutes and shares how self-compassion is a force for ecological healing, how to connect with your deep ancestors for multilayered healing, and the inner and outer tools we can access for moving forward in challenging times.

Developing Relationships with Botanical Beings on Evolutionary Herbalism’s Plant Path podcast

Beyond physical constituents and latin names, Asia shares how just by being in relationship with the plants as friends, we not only access the deeper healing they can bring to us, but uncover the multidimensionality of our own selves. She shares tips for beginning to connect, and how it’s probably easier than you think.

The Healing Guide to Flower Essences: a book by Alena Hennessy

Asia appears in this beautifully illustrated book, which highlights the healing qualities of over 100 flower essences.

Asia is featured in this awakening guide for cultivating an attitude of enchantment in everyday life. From mythologist, psychologist, and Celtic scholar Sharon Blackie.

Communion and Self Love on the Roots of Impact Podcast

A student of Asia’s online Intuitive Plant Plant Medicine program, Alan facilitates a lovely chat around the surprises in the course, Asia’s evolution as a teacher, and how as “younger siblings” of creation, humans can learn how to tap into the wisdom of the world around us to remember our gifts and navigate these times.

Everything is a Symptom of Healing on the Homebody Podcast

Low self-worth can be at the root of deep emotional, energetic, and even physical suffering, but the Earth wants to show you how good you are, so you can find new roots and bloom. Asia and Mary Grace talk healing from the hard stuff, the power of flower essences, and more in this medicinal chat.

Summer Solstice and Magical Herbs on the Psychic Teachers podcast

The summer solstice is a time when we celebrate the height of the sun, and the abundance of green life on Earth. Psychic Teachers’ Deb and Samantha talk solstice traditions and lore, before Asia hops on to share how we can bring some special solstice herbs into our bodies and celebrations on this longest day of the year.

You Are Your Own Healer with Amber Magnolia Hill on the Mythic Medicine podcast

How being in relationship with the aliveness of the Earth brings us deeper into ourselves: healing chronic health conditions, working with the story medicine of flowers, and more.

You are your own healer. Asia shares about her healing journey, trees as gatekeepers, game-changing tips for HSPs (highly sensitive people), how shame breeds disconnection, and the heart as an otherworldly portal.

Pussy-healing can ignite a cascade of blessings in our lives. Asia shares about historical pussy reverence in Europe, her favorite practices for connecting with the pussy, and how this work reconnects us to our earth-steeped power.

Reclaiming your Multidimensional Pussy Power. Asia’s Interview on the Dream, Freedom, Beauty podcast

Meet Asia Suler! on the Englightened Empaths podcast

Asia talks about her journey from suburban Pennsylvania to becoming a student of the land in Western NC, how to engage your felt-sense to work with herbs as a creative art, and more, in this chat with Samantha and Denise of Enlightened Empaths.

Living in Alignment with the Magic of the Earth on the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Join awakened women Christine and Emma in a guided meditation to create a sacred space, for this talk on how self-care can lead to our callings, how you are medicine too, trusting your communication with the natural world, and more.

Multidimensional Plants + The Fabric of Consciousness. An interview on the Mythic Medicine podcast

Episode 10 on So you Wanna be a Witch? podcast with Sarah M. Chappell

As natural as tributaries to a river, sometimes the streams of our destiny come together over expanses of time and space. Asia shares how the spiral evolution with her business converged with a core spirit calling.

A fun interview in French (with an English translation): Asia shares how curiousity can be a guiding force, and the best piece of advice she’s ever received.

A Grounded Approach to Plant Spirit Medicine + Stones. Asia’s interview on the Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast

Asia is among three flower essence practitioners who share about their relationships with vibrational remedies in this piece for Mountain Xpress.

Herbal Medicine and New Media a written interview with Bit and Grain

Asia and Ash Sierra are featured as two NC herbal creators, who have taken their craft to a screen near you.

Healing our Relationship with the living world : a film with stormcloud media

Humans have a unique gift to give, and it is seeded in unexpected soils. In this gentle and thought-provoking film, Asia explores what healing relationship can teach us about ourselves, our world, and the gift that we alone can give in return.

Holistic Creative Chat a podcast interview with artist, coach, and healer Hali Karla.

A hearfelt deep dive into the beauty of holistic healing, in this podcast interview Hali and Asia touh on the secret to helping your creativity bloom like a flower under sunlight, how illness is a path to health, and a metaphor for understanding the healing power our whole selves.

How she Started her Healing Business a written interview with Beth Katherine

Your passions are your guidestones, and there is a gift in all of us asking to be born. From hearing the first “soul inklings” from her wider self, to being challenged to confront ideas of not-enoughness, Asia shares how the seed of One Willow was not just a business idea, but a true soul guide.