Create a Business that Nourishes your Nervous System

I had a truly lovely holiday this year. A long pause that was filled with just-baked cookies, beeswax candlelight and time delighting in the magic of the season with my daughter.

And yet, for as wonderful as my time away was—I was deeply looking forward to coming back to work. 

Why? Because I’ve created a business that actually nourishes my nervous system.

When I first started my business over a decade ago I assumed that business was, by design, at odds with my highly sensitive nervous system. So I tried to create enough time outside of my work to feel balanced.

And yet, no matter how much downtime I planned, my business continued to be a profound source of stress in my life.

Every time I was working past midnight, or laid out horizontal with another health collapse, I found myself wondering…if this is my life’s work, why is it so unbelievably draining?

It took me a while to realize that my business wasn’t supposed to deplete me—as a soul-led calling, it was meant to refill my well. 

Once I realized this basic spiritual truth, I set out to create a business that would support my sensitivity, rather than overwhelm me. A business that promoted feelings of spaciousness and ease. A business that expanded my capacity, rather than sapped my energy. 

And the result is a life that is more centered, peaceful and abundant (energetically, financially, creatively) than I thought possible.

So are you ready to build a business that actually nourishes your nervous system?

Join me for a completely FREE live masterclass next Tuesday.

In this live class I’ll be sharing the key steps (and reframes) you need as a sensitive and empath to create a business where your nervous system can flourish.

Because when you have a business that nourishes your nervous system, so much becomes possible: 

  • The crystallization of your life’s work
  • The realization of the creative projects you’ve always dreamt of
  • The potential your soul came here to fulfill

You just need a business that supports your most magical asset—your nervous system.