Are you on the threshold?

I walked up to the stone threshold and just stood there. The old tower was at the top of a green-lit hill, rising clear into the sky like a standing stone. As I approached the entrance, the wind kicked up. It voomed past me and through the open doorway. 

I paused. Beyond the doorway, across the dark interior, was an opening out into the sunlit “other side” of the holy hill—a place of liminal magic since time immemorial

But for a moment I just stood there—to feel the wind, the stone, the potential of what was to come. I stopped to feel the threshold.

I always come back to this memory of visiting Glastonbury Tor in England whenever I think about the potency of “threshold moments.” 

Threshold moments are times when we know in our bones that life is about to change. We can feel the tension, but we also feel the potential and possibility. 

It’s those seasons when the life you knew starts dissolving…but you haven’t quite stepped into what’s coming.

It’s potent, exciting, enlivening—and sometimes profoundly uncomfortable.

In the future, this moment will be a signpost in your life—much like the tower left on this hill—marking a distinct before and after in our lives.

But for now, you’re simply standing there, feeling the change arrive.

Are you on the threshold right now in your life? 

Check out my new video to learn what this means and how to harness the potent magic of this time.

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Because as unstable as we can feel balancing on that sill of stone, as strong as the wind can seem against our backs, as dark as the interior of the tower may feel, or as blinding as the light on the other side may be—threshold moments are some of life’s most profound gifts.

They help our heart be ready for the next level of our expansion.

And our spirit to prepare for the bigness of what comes next.

Because make no mistake dear one, you are here for a BIG life.

A life where you get to live out the fullness of your potential, the width of your true energy, the depth of the gifts you’re here to share with the world. 

A new life is waiting to greet you, dear one. You just have to be willing to step up onto that threshold—and lean in.

P.S. Keep reading for my favorite flower essence to take when I feel like I’m on the edge of a new era in my life and want to trust what’s opening…

Crocus Flower Essence

New beginnings | Releasing resistance | Optimistic trust

One of the first flowers of spring, Crocus is an essence for dissolving rigidity to make way for new beginnings. If you’re ready to step wholeheartedly into a new era, Crocus will help you cast off skepticism and limiting beliefs so you can open to the light that is waiting. Life, and long winters, can harden us. But no matter how long the snow lasts, spring always arrives. Crocus encourages us to feel comfortable with the vulnerability of optimism, sending our hope up like the first shoots of spring. When the trials of life have left you feeling stiff and weather-beaten, Crocus will remind you of the possibilities still inherent to your story, and help you believe in the good things coming. Life is ready to treat you to a change in fortune, a windfall of blessings— you just have to be open to receiving it.