How to Create a Business as an Empath

It took me a while to realize who I’m here to serve on this planet. But once I did, it seemed so obvious…

I’m here to help sensitives and empaths.

Which makes sense because I’m a sensitive and an empath (so I know first hand the gifts and challenges this brings).

Ever since I was young, I felt overwhelmed by the intensity and hardship in the world. No matter how hard I tried I always seemed to get trapped in the undertow of other people’s needs. 

I honestly didn’t know what it felt like to not use my energy to make sure everyone else was taken care of all the time. 

I probably would have trudged on like this for much longer (even with the warning bells of chronic pain and illness) if it wasn’t for this one unexpected teacher in my life—my business.

I talk about this a lot. Your business is your spirit guide.

It is here, not only to help the world, but help you understand what you need to truly thrive in this lifetime (and be able to give your deepest gifts to this world).

It was only once I started a business that I began to see the patterns that were siphoning my energy.

I confronted the reasons why I defaulted to focusing on others and I learned how to claim the space I needed to become a channel for my work here on Earth

Once I did this, my business became a force in this world that not even I could have anticipated.

My business did this for me. And it can do this for you too, dear one.

If you’re a sensitive (who is also an entrepreneur) check out my new video—How to Create a Business as an Empath.

In the video I share three simple steps for building a business that supports your sensitivity (and makes magic flow in your life).

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And if you want to build a business that is specifically designed to your sensitivity—a business that is your ally in your soul growth and has the ability to make your biggest visions for this life possible—come join me for Business as a Spiritual Journey.

Everything I’ve learned about how to thrive as a sensitive with a business is embedded into the course—from how to write an email sequence to how to grasp your soul’s mission.

The course only goes on sale once a year, and right now we’re offering a full $100 off until January 29th! 

So if a new era of embodying your gifts is calling to you, come on in.

Because as an empath, you are unique. 

Your needs are unique, your ideas are unique, and your business will be unique as well.

And I’d love to help you make your visions (utterly unique and deeply needed in this world) a reality.