What your Ancestors Want you to Know

There is an entire choir of ancestors looking over you. These wise ones are space holders for your whole lineage. They are vibrant, connected and healed—and they want to help you find the healing you need.

Your ancestors are always sending you messages.

It might be the vibration your body feels when you see a picture of a landscape where you’ve never been.

Or the song that comes on the playlist and brings tears to your eyes.

The book that rings in you like a bell or the dream you had this morning.

Our ancestors talk to us all year long—but in autumn it’s as if the webbing that stood in the way of our hearing is suddenly cleared.

In many cultures around the world autumn is considered a particularly mystical season. As life moves from the visible world back into the unseen, we have the ability to shift our attention from the outward trappings of life into the invisible realm. To work magic, speak to the ancestors and initiate a new beginning. 

So what do your ancestors want you to know about this fall season? What kind of healing awaits you this autumn?

Check out my brand new divination reading in the video below.

Just pick the medicine that’s calling to you, and get a message from your ancestors.

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Autumn is an opportunity. It’s a time for baked pies and feet by the fire, for jumping in piles of leaves and watching the crowns of the trees turn gold—but it’s also a time when deep healing can happen.

If any of the medicines in the video are calling to you, I’d love to send you an essence.

And if you’re feeling the nudge to go deeper into your connection with the unseen, come join me in Herbs for the Otherworld.

I often find people’s ancestors will bring them to this course because there is just so much potential for magic to happen this season.

Here’s what folks have said about their experience…

“The way Asia brings [these] energies alive and available brought me more than once into tears. Tears of coming home, tears of recognition, tears of gratitude, tears of love, tears of forgiveness, tears of acknowledgement.”

“I did the meditation on Samhain Eve and I woke up a whole new person.”

“I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to sign up! I had the most potent Samhain I’ve ever experienced, and spent that night journeying with my ancestors. Whatever portal you helped open up, I thank you. I feel so connected and in awe of the magic this little course provided.”

Wherever the nudge, the messages, or the hints are taking you—follow it. Your ancestors are guiding you towards exactly what you need in order to heal this autumn.

P.S. On the subject of the potent, specific, miraculous healing opportunity of fall… I am SO excited about a live class I’m teaching in the days leading up to Samhain (Halloween) this month. Stay tuned for more info next week. But for now I’ll say… if you’re unsure what exactly the otherworld is asking you to do to initiate healing this season, this class will help you get crystal clear.