Your Otherworld Task

Every autumn there is a deep, fire-lit opportunity to make a lasting change in your life. 
As the Earth shifts through her colors, you have the ability to shift just as rapidly in your own evolution and expansion. 
Change is possible all year-round, of course, but when the distance between the worlds thins in autumn, you’re able to make the kind of changes that reverberate through all worlds.
In the Celtic concept of the Otherworld, there is an invisible realm that lives alongside us. This world is not only the place where our ancestors and guides reside— it’s also where the blueprints for our own individual lives, and the potential for this planet, are stored.  
In autumn, we have the ability to make a clear connection with the Otherworld, and by doing so, bring paradigm-shifting healing into our world.
Do you feel like there is a big potential waiting for you on the other side of this moment? 
Like there’s a deep process already unfolding…it’s just about finding that next right step to unlock the possibility that is waiting for you?

Come join me for Your Otherworld Task a live, one-time class happening next Thursday October 26th that was designed to bring you into direct, intimate contact with the benevolence of the Otherworld, and uncover the one task that can unlock a cascade of healing in your life.

The portal of this year’s autumn is particularly potent. We’ve got two eclipses leading up to Samhain (Halloween and The Day of the Dead). It’s like a series of stone doors opening deeper and deeper into a cairn in the hillside. Deeper and deeper into the still magic within us. Deeper and deeper into a new vision for this world.

This live class is happening right in the midst, so you can take full advantage of this powerful opening—and step into the accelerated journey that is made possible by these shifting Earth energies.

Do you have the sense that something is being asked of your spirit—something that you know has the potential to change the trajectory of your life, your ability to access your magic, the power you were meant to bring to this world—but you don’t know what?

This class was designed to help you get crystal clear.

To bring forth the guidance of the Otherworld so you can access the healing potential that is latent in this season and initiate a new season in your life—and in this world.

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