How to Work with Local Stones

When I’m working through hard things I often slip into thinking that I need something dramatic to shift it. A ten day retreat, a brand new healing regime, an exotic medicine from far away.

But every healing crisis we ever move through is always guiding us to the same realization…

You already have everything you need to heal.

When I was in herbal school, this was one of the first things I learned—the medicine you most need is already growing outside your door.

I incorporated this into my own practice and saw that much deeper healing happened for my clients when we worked with the plants that were already here.

When I started having profound healing experiences with stones, I forgot about this for a while. I was always so excited to visit the stone shop and find my next crystal. 

In all honesty, I still get excited about going to stone stores (they’re basically real-life magic shops) but I’ve also seen first-hand that we don’t need to work with stones that have been imported from halfway around the world to experience profound healing.

There is medicine in the stones that exist right outside your door. You just need to know what to look for.

My new video—Three Ways to Work With Local Stones—is a guide to healing with the crystals and minerals that already exist in the environment around you (probably right in your backyard)

In Daoist stone medicine it’s said that stones can reach the deepest level of our being—the place where we store our life blueprints, our unconscious patterns, and our soul’s plan.

When we work with local stones, we access the healing that is already within us. So watch the video and see what medicine is here for you.

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There is a language to stones. Just as there is a language to plants or rivers. It’s a language that human beings have spoken since time immemorial.

As much as I love learning about ancient applications of stone medicine, I also know that all that information came from somewhere...and the somewhere it came from is our own direct connection with stones.

You don’t need a book to know about a stone’s medicines. Just learn the language of the stones, and they’ll start talking to you.

That’s why I created my class How Stones Communicate

If you’re someone who is drawn to working with the mineral realm for healing (whether for yourself or in a healing practice) check out the class to open a direct dialogue with these elder healers. 

And no matter what is calling to you from the Earth, just remember—the medicine you most need is already here. 

You are the healer you’ve been seeking, and the Earth is right here supporting you in that realization. 

How Stones Communicate