Your Destiny as a Human

I walked up to the gap, the wind nudging me from behind. In the space between the budding tulip poplars I could see out to the mountains beyond. They were blue and beckoning, full of promise, hope and homecoming. 
I could feel the Earth beneath me. And I could feel my place on her lengths. And in that moment, I could feel the reality of my destiny.
It was blue like the mountains of spring, soft as new leaves, brilliant as sunlight touching everything.
And just for having glimpsed it, I felt free.
We all want to know our destiny.
It’s a desire as inbred as a tree’s need to grow towards the sun.

There are so many things to yearn for as a human. But the longing to know one’s destiny—to understand that which beckons us down the sunlit path of our life—is at the heart of our searching.
We want to understand our destiny, because a deep part of us knows that we have a destiny—a particular reason why we’re here. 
We know there’s a way of being in the world that is less effortful and more joyful. 
A way to inhabit our innate gifts and, just by doing so, naturally give back to the world.
And there is.
If you only look to the Earth—the place where your destiny waits like seeds—you’ll begin to see the pattern of why you’re here.

I vividly remember my early days of falling in love with the green world.

I didn’t know any plant names then. But I knew the feeling of cherry blossoms as they fell into my palms. The full body melt of hugging a giant oak tree. The coziness of curling up like a fawn into a circle of grass. I knew what it felt like to sit with the living world and be recognized, seen.

Connecting with the plants was a wonder. But the most incredible thing was realizing that, by opening this relationship, I was also accessing my destiny.

Not because my destiny was to study herbalism or teach about nature connection.

It was so much deeper than that. 

Connecting with the plants showed me what it felt like to be naturally, entirely myself. 

How to inhabit my gifts as fully and organically as an apple tree went from petal, to fruit, to seed.

How, like a thicket of wild roses, I’m meant to give back to the Earth effortlessly, simply through my own unfolding.

Over the last eight years of teaching Intuitive Plant Medicine I’ve seen so many incredible, magical, awe-inspiring things happen to people….

“My entire method of engaging with myself and my world, both the physical and energetic, has been transformed. I’m a different human being today than I was a year ago.”

“Before this course it was merely wanting to connect, and now I do. I’m able to understand messages in nature and utilize them. I feel so supported by the world around me.”

“I was able to access knowledge about my past and where I’m holding trauma and release it FULLY in a way that I’ve not been able to do for five years.”

“My life has changed dramatically. I’m connected to the world in a way I didn’t know was possible. I feel a oneness and a wholeness that I didn’t know I was missing but that now feels integral to living.”

“I’m calmer and more aware of EVERY living thing around me now. I notice plants, flowers and trees everywhere I go. I trust and listen to my intuition and know that it is my True Voice and is worthy of being heeded.”

…to be honest with you, comments like this don’t surprise me anymore.

Because this is exactly the kind of serendipity, magic, and understanding that happens when we reconnect to the living world.

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Our destiny as humans on this planet right now is to come back into the joy of being our entirely natural selves—and just by doing that, bring healing to this Earth.