How to Work with Plants in a City

I snuck into the office and closed the door. 

Maybe “snuck” isn’t the right word, since my job as a plant waterer gave me access to every room in the building. But I still felt like I was doing something illict.

The office building was in the middle of Manhattan. To get there I had to cross through the flashing, multicolored lights of Times Square and take an elevator up to the 30th floor. 

This particular room was empty. Months ago management had plopped an old, sad corn plant in the vacant office— and there it sat.

I stepped into the room and my heart sank. 

Clearly no one had visited this plant in a long time. 

I spent half an hour that first day washing each dust laden leaf, pulling away a bucket of dead brown ones so the remaining green could shine. I gave her water and promised her she would not be forgotten again.

Visiting that plant became the highlight of my day. 

After watering I’d sit with her and chat while we watched the ice skaters zig across the rink of Rockefeller center. Sometimes I rested a palm on her trunk and imagined light pouring from my hands into her leaves until both of us glowed.

Being with her was healing for the part of me that often felt weary, overwhelmed by city life and the bigness of what I was still seeking.

I knew she was medicine for me, but I slowly began to understand that I was medicine for her, too.

Every time I opened the door I swore I saw her brighten, her leaves lifting as if to be embraced. Soon, she blossomed, with tiers of green glossy leaves, and an air of wellbeing. Eventually someone noticed. “This plant is gorgeous!” the receptionist gushed, and had it moved into the shiny office of a new hire. 

After the move, I continued to visit her there, where she was adored by her new officemate. And every time I stepped in the door I could feel her beam at me.

People ask me all the time—how do I work with the plants when I live in a city, or suburb, or an environment with more windshield wipers than wilderness?

I always love when people ask me this question because my time living in a city was when I fell in love with plants. It was also when I realized that the green beings in urban places aren’t just interested in working with us—they’re ecstatic about working with humans.

Do you live in a place where you aren’t surrounded by “pristine” nature? This new video is for you. 

Learn how to connect with plants no matter where you are in the world. (And how plants in cities view us…this blew me away when I first experienced it).

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