Nature as Divination Deck

Omens are everywhere in nature. Before tarot cards or runes, we knew how to read the oracle of the natural world.
The pattern of the clouds. The bird you heard when you first woke up. The flower growing by your doorstep.
The answers you need are already in the world around you.
They’re simply waiting for you to notice them.
Is there a question you’ve been ruminating over recently? 
Let the Earth give you an answer.

Check out my new video Nature as Divination Deck for my favorite practices to engage with the oracle of nature and receive the guidance you need.

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I had to share these tools today because this week of Beltane is such a potent time for divination work.
Beltane, which marks the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, is the Celtic holiday of flourishing, flowering and magic.
As the mirror image of Autumn’s mystical Samhain, Beltane is a time when the space between the worlds becomes petal thin—and it’s possible to see the unseen.
The light emanating from the dogwood tree. The faeries flickering above the creek. 
The answers to the questions you’ve been seeking.

However you celebrate this tip into a new season, know that the benevolence of the unseen world wants to support you. 
The questions you carry are holy, and the world is waiting until just the right time to give you the answer your spirit needs.

The spirit of this world sees and acknowledges your own inner being. 
And you are celebrated—as surely as flowers, as light, as spring.