Who are your Deep Ancestors?


There is a root that stretches back in time. Follow that root far enough and you’ll reach ancestors for whom you have no names. Follow that root long enough and you’ll meet those who hold the memories that can heal our world.

When I was first introduced to ancestor work I was taught to reach out to the ancestors whose names I knew, or who were remembered in my family. I made altars with items passed down from these family members and used the Samhain season as a time to invite healing for those in my lineage. But no matter how rich this work felt, I knew something was missing.

Connecting with our more recent ancestors can be potent. It can also be complicated. Recent ancestors are often closely woven into the current matrix of our family— including its idiosyncrasies and traumas. They are also more tightly tied to the paradigms that dominate recorded history, like colonialism, religious oppression, ecological degradation, and displacement. As I went further into this work, and the healing it can bring, I began to wonder— what about the deeper ancestors? Those who names I don’t know, but who lived before the traumas in my lineage and the rise of our current systems? Might these ancestors have valuable information about how to bridge back into wholeness?

Once, in the deep past of human history, every person on Earth lived in unbroken connection with the land. Who were these ancestors of my lineage?

Then, one day, I had an experience with the deep ancestors that blew my mind. Through this life-changing encounter I realized— not only are the ancestors of the ancient past accessible, they are profoundly interested in talking with us. Because we are the ones that can help the old ways return.

In my new video below I share the story of how I first met my Deep Ancestors and show you how to make a powerful connection to the deep ones of your lineage this Samhain season.


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In geology there is the concept of deep time, a perspective that considers all ages of the Earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence— not just the eras in which we find evidence of life. Similarly, connecting with the Deep Ancestors means we bridge beyond historical record back into the lineage of humankind. With the Deep Ancestors, we can go back to the very beginning of our species— meeting with the wise grandparents who knew how to live in concert with the magics of the Earth.

You are a sapling in this sheltering grove of ancestors— those who have lived through every ending and beginning— and they are here to show you how to reseed a new-old way of being on this planet. You are here to help this Earth heal, including the earth within, and the Deep Ancestors are holding you every step of the way.

If you are feeling the call to connect with your ancestors (including the deepest ones) this Samhain season, come join me for Herbs for the Otherworld. In the course we talk about how to use the innate power of autumn to work with our earthen ancestors and bring healing from the Otherworld into our day-to-day existence. See you inside.


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