Ancestral Stone Medicine

Woman touching a giant rock balanced in a forest


No matter where you walk in this world, you are surrounded by powerful elders— the stones.

Stones are our most ancient ancestors. They are the minerals that form the soil and the basis of our bones. Their points, blades and paints are what made our lives possible as humans. Whenever you feel cut off from your inheritance of earth wisdom, all you need to do is connect to stones as elders and they will help bridge you back to your deepest knowing.

I remember when I first started working with stones. I had recently moved to the mountains of Appalachia to study plants, leaving behind the life I had known. Though I was excited for this change, I woke up most mornings feeling deeply discombobulated. One day, I walked into a stone store and found a hand-sized oval of moonstone. Without knowing anything about the stone, I fell in love with it. I picked that moonstone up and didn’t put it down for months. I slept with it under my pillow. I held it in my hand during the long lectures of herbal school. I was so attached to it, the new friends I made would joke that we came as a pair. I didn’t know why I needed this stone; I only knew that when I held it I felt safe amidst the whirlwind of so much change. It wasn’t until I started studying Daoist stone medicine years later that I learned this is exactly what Moonstone is indicated for— moonstone is a medicine that provides a sense of grounding in oneself during times of great transition. No one had told me this, and yet I had known. The stone had been whispering it to me all along.

These ancient earth elders have so much to teach us about ourselves, our journeys and our true capacities. All we need to do is listen. In my new video we explore how you can work with stones to access ancient earth wisdom and receive direct ancestral guidance.


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Within each of us is an ancient stone circle, a central root of wisdom that connects us all the way back in time to our deep ancestors. When we work with stones, we can access this mythical inner space and begin to unfold the mysteries of our life.

If you’re interested in bringing stones into your ancestral tending and winter mystical practices, check out my course How Stones Communicate. In the course you’ll be guided to develop your own deep, direct and personal relationship with these elders— to hear the wisdom they have to share with you and be guided.