Your Secret Dreams Can Come True

We all have secret dreams. Dreams that live at the very heart of us, feeding us with vision and hope. These dreams sustain us, and yet we keep them secret because part of us believes they’re impossible. The dream of true love, a home in the woods, a life spent following one’s passions. The dream of a healed world, a return to nature’s sentience, holy peace here on Earth.
Sometimes the dreams that color our inner world can seem too grand to come true. Outlandish in their beauty, improbable in their joy. But we have these dreams for a reason. We are made for them, just as they are made for us. They are like seeds in a nursery, placed in the soft soil of your consciousness, preparing to bloom.
No matter how distant they may feel, your most secret dreams are never unreachable. In fact, they aren’t very far away at all. They are just on the other side of the veil.
Your deepest dreams persist because a part of you knows… your dreams already exist in the Otherworld.

In Celtic understanding, the Otherworld is a realm of reality that lives alongside us— as close as breath through a thinly woven veil. The Otherworld is the place where the ancestors live. It is the realm of gods and goddesses, faeries, and the unseen energies that animate our Earth. The Otherworld is where myth lives and is not called myth at all, but simply what is real. The Otherworld is where our dreams already exist, just waiting to come into form.

Touching into the Otherworld helps us learn how to midwife these energies from the unseen realm— bringing our dreams into this world.

I still remember when I had this realization. If the Otherworld contains all the unseen potential of my life, the big story I came to Earth to tell, then by learning how to communicate with the Otherworld I can help those dreams become a reality. The truth of this rang within me like a drum inside a stone-built cairn.

My big dreams weren’t here to show me how far I still had to go, what I lacked, or what I was missing out on. They were showing me how to start connecting with the Otherworld and, by doing so, bridge my most secret dreams into reality.

Fall is known as a nostalgic season, but sometimes that nostalgia seems to expand beyond our own personal past. Every autumn I find myself feeling nostalgic for dreams I’ve yet to live. Longing for a world that isn’t here right now, but that I know is possible. The longing and nostalgia of fall are nutriments for the Earth, compost that is just as bright as the falling leaves. Follow that longing and it will lead you in the direction of your dreams.

In the ancient Celtic world, autumn was seen as the richest time of the year to help the energies of the unseen and as-yet-unformed cross over. In autumn, we can glimpse the mythic possibilities of our lifetime and learn how to make them real.

If you are feeling the call to connect to the Otherworld this season— to become a magician of the unseen and realize the mythic possibilities of your dreams— check out my class Herbs for the Otherworld. This is one of my all-time most popular offerings. Guided by the plants and rituals for autumnal magic, this course will help you make a profound connection with the dreams awaiting you in the Otherworld.

What is the big dream you want to call into being this fall? Leave me a comment below to let me know and trust that it is possible.