Three Tips to Hold Transformational Space

The first consultation I ever did was on the floor in my living room.

I had just put up a page on my website and somehow the client had found me through a search engine, driving from the next state over.

I lived with my roommate in a rickety old cottage at the time. We couldn’t afford a couch, so we sat on cushions on the floor when she arrived.

I was so nervous my hands shook when I poured her tea, but as we started talking all my worries about not being experienced enough, professional enough, or good enough just evaporated. 

Suddenly I was simply sitting with a person who needed help.

A person who was so fully, vulnerably human I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

A person who had been on such a hard, unique, amazing journey so far. And a person who, amazingly, wanted to share her journey with me.

I was so moved I forgot all about my worries and just fell into the profound honor of holding space for her. 

Since that first consultation I have had a huge diversity of experiences in holding space for people…

Week-long retreats, one-on-one mentoring, packed conference rooms, virtual classes of thousands. 

Online, in-person, in the woods, on a stage, sitting on the floor for tea.

And with every experience I can’t help but fall more in love with the practice of holding space. 

Are you someone who holds space for folks (or wants to start)? If you teach classes, see clients, coach groups or simply want to create a healing space for others, this new video is for you.

Click the image below for three tips to hold truly transformational space.

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Because the space you create in this world, just by being yourself, is transformational.

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