What Does this Spring Hold for You?

Lately, I’ve been waking up every morning to listen to the dawn chorus.

The songbirds have returned—along with the flocks of spring flowers—and it’s thrilling, comforting, promising. 

Every spring I find myself embracing a tender belief in new beginnings. The flowers open and the hope I’d nearly given up returns like the songbirds.

There is newness on the horizon for all of us.

We need only ask, and the world will give us a preview of all the goodness to come.

So what’s coming up for you this spring?
I’ve created a spring divination video for you to find out. 

Just pick the flower that calls to you in the video below and receive an intuitive reading for what this next season holds for you!

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Click the image above to hear a message from a flower (and future) that is calling to you.

And if a new part of you is ready to flower this spring, I’d love to support you with one of my flower essences.

As our cove fills with blooms, I’ve starting taking my essences regularly again and it feels like hope. Like possibility. Like sunshine itself.

No matter which flower you chose, or what reading spoke to you, may this spring bring untold flowering to the parts of you that need it the most.

Because your own becoming is a spring for this Earth…

And your blossoming is a gift for this world.