Is This Your New Beginning?

We’re in a “beginning time” right now.

Some days I’m not even entirely sure what that means, but I can feel it.

The other side of the pandemic. 
The other side of a passage we can’t quite name yet. 
The other side of a huge multi-year, multi-layered transformation for our spirits. 

I took my daughter to the pool for her first swim lesson last week. She clung to me in the water as the cascade of newness lapped towards her. Eyes wide, taking it all in, she paddled with the class for a bit before we decided to just float, allowing the experience to come to us.

That’s how I feel as the world warms into this fragile, tentative “other side”— and I hear the call to start a clear new era in my life.

It’s wonderous, overwhelming, scary and exciting. 

Right now, the Earth is inviting us to begin again, to claim the new direction our spirits most crave. 
And if you’re someone who has a business (or wants to start a business) it’s likely that your business is here to help you make that transformation.

I remember when I first felt the call to start my business One Willow Apothecaries.

My first reaction was a resounding “no thank you.” 

It felt too big, too out-of-my-wheelhouse, too overwhelming. But the call never ceased. So I finally took the leap. 

It took years before the business was in the black. And even longer before I stopped struggling (with everything, really) and had the realization that would allow my business to flourish in ways I had never imagined…

Business is a spiritual journey—and your business is your spirit guide, here to help you in your expansion. 

My business has taken me through so many incarnations over the years—from apothecary owner to teacher, social media figure to author— and along the way I retrieved parts of myself I thought I had lost forever, initiating me into the next level of my becoming.

Lately I’ve been feeling the call to another new beginning in my business (and hence, my life).

I’m not entirely sure what that’s going to look like. But I can trust it completely, because the soul of my business is here to guide me. And when I listen, incredible things happen.

Are you feeling the call to a new beginning?

To start a business? 
Or take your business in a new direction?

I’d love to help support you in my program Business as a Spiritual Journey.

The course was created to help my fellow empaths and highly sensitives flourish on the path of entrepreneurship. (Because, as an empath, the world deeply needs your gifts).

The program was designed to help you tune out the overwhelm, so you can hear the voice of your soul (and the guide of your business) and step into a new era of embodying your gifts. 

The course is on sale for just this next week.

If you’re feeling the call, sign up before March 16th and get $80 off the program. 

Register before then and you’ll also get an invite to a live group coaching call with me in early April. Let’s start a new era, together.

Because we are in a beginning place on Earth. 

We have the chance to define the way things will unfurl from here on out. 

And you, as a sensitive, as an empath, as a compassionate entrepreneur, are here to help change the energy of the world.