Meeting your Future Self

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of the future. 

I remember being a little kid on long car drives, staring out the window at the moon as she glided alongside us, thinking about the possibilities of what was to come.
What would the future hold in my life? 
What adventures? What potential? What love?

Often, when I envisioned myself riding the ferris wheel with my crush or traveling the world by boat, I felt as if it were happening now.
My future self didn’t feel like some far-off stranger. She felt present, close. As if she was sitting alongside me in the car, holding my hand.
My daydreams about the future are different now that I’m older. But I’ve never lost the feeling that my future self wasn’t in some far-off place. That she was somehow with me now…
Because she is.
Indigenous wisdom and spiritual traditions around the world (as well as the newer field of quantum physics) often agree that time isn’t linear. We perceive the past as leading to the future, but the future just as easily influences the past. 
All the selves that we are, or will ever be, are here now.
We only need to reach out to them and they can guide us towards the future we dream of.

I’ve been consciously working with my future self for years now and I’m always amazed by what can shift in my life when I tap into her wisdom.
Because the future self that is you has been through it all, dear one. 
You moved through hardship and found healing on the other side. You made your dreams a reality and came to know yourself on the deepest level. You said yes to every opportunity for growth and fulfilled your destiny here on this planet.
Your future self knows the way through whatever you’re experiencing now.
You just have to ask, and they’ll help you reach the next phase of your life.
I’ve been so inspired by this idea, I decided to teach a one-time live class next Thursday called Meeting Your Future Self.
In the class you’ll be guided to bring the big questions of your life and make direct contact with your own future self to receive inspiration, upliftment and guidance.

We’ll be gathering for this two-hour experience together on August 3rd. I’m so looking forward to this trip into the future with you.

Can’t make it live? No worries, I’ll be sending out the replay link afterwards and the class will be yours to keep forever.

Come meet your future self and create the life you want now.

Meeting Your Future Self

August 3rd   |  3:00-5:00 pm ET

Join me for this live experience in meeting your future self and… 

  • Get specific information about your soul’s path
  • Understand your unique gifts
  • Meet your most evolved self
  • Manifest the next phase in your life
  • Get a glimpse into your future… 

Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

Can’t join live? The replay link to the class will be sent out within 24 hours and is yours to keep forever.