How I Met my Future Self

The first time I met my future self I was in the thick of Lyme disease

It had been several years since I first contracted the illness and had fumbled together a life that looked functional on the outside, but was filled with fatigue and frequent collapses inside. 

Then, I got Lyme disease for a second time. This time, my health was spiraling and none of the medicines I’d been using were working. 

I was several months in when I had a dream. 

In the dream, a deeply familiar woman with white hair stepped out from a broken log at the edge of the woods and told me exactly what I needed to do to heal.

I woke up and knew immediately who she was. 

She was me. She was the future self who had already been through this passage and understood exactly what this experience was trying to teach me.

So I followed her advice, and I healed—unexpectedly, completely, miraculously. I’m honestly still in awe of it.

Now I reach out to my future self all the time. To ask her opinion, receive guidance, or just to bask in her energy—an emanation of peace, wisdom and wellbeing.

She’s become a touchstone when I’m not sure what to do next or when I doubt the winding road of my journey. And she’s always there to comfort me, reassure me, show me the way.

Do you want to meet your own future self? And access the healing that is waiting for you in this life?

I’m teaching a one-time live class this Thursday called Meeting Your Future Self.

Come connect with the wise, evolved, joyful and spiritually-connected person you came here to become.

Because let’s be serious… if any guide knows how to gracefully manifest the next phase of your life, it’s your future self. 

Your future self knows exactly what healing can look like for you in this lifetime—you just have to ask for their help.

I’m really excited to have this experience together with our future selves. 

We’ll be gathering on Zoom from 3-5 pm ET this Thursday August 3rd. 

If you can’t make it live, no worries. I’ll be sending the replay out to everyone who signs up and the class will be yours to keep forever.

Because the future is always unfurling before us. 

You are an infinite being—and so the potentials for your healing are infinite as well.

Trust in what’s unfolding for you, and know that your wisest, widest self is right here waiting for you.