Claim the Life you Want

Boundaries are hard….especially if you’re an empath.
Like a hibiscus flower in the full heat of summer, highly sensitive and empathic people are simply born with more openness. 
This can be challenging—but it can also be spectacular.
Being open means you can feel the height of a sunrise. The deep, wordless wisdom in a whale song. The joy of two people laughing in the other room. The way energy moves through the world.
But it also means that when it comes time to create boundaries with the things that drain your energy…it can feel like swimming against the current. 
As an empath, when I first started creating boundaries it felt unnatural—but over time the Earth showed me that holding boundaries is how nature works (and it’s the way to access your gifts). 
Are you an empath who knows there’s more possible for you—in your potential, creativity and expansion—but struggle with holding the boundaries you need to flourish?
This new video is for you.
Click the link to learn how nature can help you hold boundaries so you can manifest the life of your dreams.
You’ll also get an exercise to make it crystal clear where your energy needs to go in your life. 

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The living world wants to teach you how to create boundaries. 
Because when you do, you can claim the life you dream of… the life the Earth dreamed for you.

Your energy is so special.

It’s here to do amazing things on this planet.

So let the Earth show you how to hold the boundaries you need, so you can use your energy to radiate in all the ways you were meant to—and claim the life that waits for you.