Reaching the Next Era in your Life

When I was a teenager with chronic pain and felt like I would never see the other side…
When I decided to leave my whole life behind in NYC and move down to Appalachia to study herbalism…
When I first started teaching and wasn’t sure anyone would show up for my classes…
When I decided to live alone in the countryside and follow my passions full-time….
When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease the first time (and the second time)….
When the world went into lockdown and all my plans for my life crumbled….
When I welcomed my daughter into the world after a difficult birth and the world as I knew it changed overnight…

At every turning point in my life, the plants have been there for me. 
Just when I thought I could not go on. That healing wasn’t possible. That there was no way to reach the other side, the living world came streaming in with support.
Plants are experts at transforming the cycles of life. Just turn a patch of earth in your backyard and watch how, within days, the green arrives.
The plants want to help you initiate a new era in your life.
To heal what has been holding you back. 
To claim the life of passion and purpose you know is possible for you—because your gifts are a part of the great greening of the Earth.
Intuitive Plant Medicine was designed to help you step into that next era of your life. 
To make a direct connection with nature and, by doing so, understand the unique nature of your own medicine—and how to bring it to the world.
Are you ready to become fluent in communicating with the living world? 
To receive messages from guides in nature who want to speak to you?
To access the support that lives within the Earth and have the next era of your life unfurl?

Come join me.
Our once-a-year course sale ends on Thursday. Sign up before then to get $100 off the program and greet the life that is waiting for you on the other side.