Getting Crystal Clear Visions


A friend of mine told me recently that she celebrates the new year in three stages. At the solstice, she acknowledges the collective spiritual beginning of the new year. On January 1st, she marks the start of a new cycle of work and finances. And on the first new moon in January she finally drops into her personal new beginning— including setting her intentions and goals for the coming year. I love the concept of such a gradual entrance into the new year. It feels like easing into a body of water, taking your time to acclimate to the waves until you are ready to swim.

After a truly challenging beginning to this new year, many of us are letting go of hard resolutions in favor of softer ways of being with ourselves. If this past year has taught us anything, it is the incredible importance of self-gentleness— and that maybe we don’t need to go as fast or as far as we thought to find life’s meaning.

In the whirlwind of current events, and a global pandemic that is beyond our control, it can begin to feel like the very weft of our life is out of our hands. But we always have the ability to decide what our own personal relationship to life will be. You are a co-creator in your destiny. And you have the power to plant seeds for this new year that bear truly nourishing fruit for both your creativity and well-being.

Today’s new moon is, by all astrological accounts, an amazingly powerful one. It is a potent moment to set intentions and reground in the knowing that— no matter what is going on in the world around you— you can still take time to bless this beginning. In my new video, How to Get Crystal Clear Visions, I walk you through four steps to find your north star in 2021. I also offer a stone elixir ritual to help make your intentions that much clearer.


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We are in a hard place in the world. But the answers for how to move forward with healing already exist within us. Finding, and living, these answers is not about pressure, force or expectations— but softening into your own sources of nourishment, the particular genius that is your creative channel, and the offerings you were meant to bring to this world.

As I mentioned in my Reading for 2021— this is a building year. The things we set in motion this year, personally and collectively, will guide us through many years to come.

If part of your visioning for the new year includes creating the business of your dreams— I would absolutely love to see you in my newly opened program: Business as a Spiritual Journey.

I’ve been in business now for nearly ten years. Over that decade, I’ve been amazed to find that business, rather than merely supporting my spiritual path, became my spiritual journey— one that taught me so much about myself, my gifts and my soul’s mission.

Made specifically for my fellow empaths, highly sensitives and spiritually minded people, this course was designed to help you create a truly soul-led business, one that feeds you and the world, on all levels.

After over six years of working one-on-one with folks doing business consultations, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of heartfelt businesses get off the ground. Everything I’ve learned over my years of building my own business, and helping others to grow theirs, is embedded within this course.

In celebration of the new year, the program is on sale until January 25th! Sign up before then and you’ll also get a special invitation to a one-time online event: Ask Asia Anything (about business), where I answer all your business-related questions live! I can’t wait to see you there.