Planting Seeds For A Post-Covid World


One day, not far in the future, the pandemic will be over. It seems like a dream at the moment— but it’s true. One day we’ll be able to laugh in the sunshine with our friends, kiss our grandmothers on the cheek, and have a triple layer chocolate cake at our favorite restaurant. We will hug each other close and be meltingly grateful for simple things. One day, we will find ourselves in a new world— one whose creation is beginning now.

In Daoist philosophy, all things start within the void, that place of stillness and compost. While the pandemic ground some of our systems, plans and projects into dust— it has also excavated new visions from deep within us. This long standstill has served a profound function inside the earth of ourselves. Within the restriction and dissolution of this past year, new dreams have risen to the surface— and with them comes the blueprint for a new world.

The world we’ll be stepping into on the other side of the pandemic will undoubtedly be different than the one we lived in before. But, like all things in the process of becoming, the contours of what that new world looks like are still fluid. In the Daoist journey of alchemy, we go into the void in order to creatively restructure our lives. The pivots and reinventions you’ve undergone this past year are the material from which this new world will be made. The seeds for a post-covid world are within you, and your dreams have the power to help this world come to life.



When I used to lead past life regressions, it was common for my clients to start their journey in the void. Often appearing as a wall of darkness— the void can feel like a frustrating chasm of nothingness. But over my years of guiding folks on these journeys, I learned that the void isn’t a dead end, it is a sign that there are things beyond your wildest imagination awaiting you on the other side. Your consciousness is simply preparing you for those visions to come alive.

In the midst of such intense times, it can be hard to see beyond the void. But like the bend of light in the far north, when the midnight sun casts the landscape in twilight, a new day is just beyond the horizon. Soon, the sun will be rising again over the hills, bringing with it a new season. Until then, the dreams you plant in this time of twilight, will have powerful repercussions for the world to come. Much like the dreams that visit us spontaneously at night, these visions are not just fancies— they are oracles. They are impulses arising from the Earth, saying: this is the way forward.

So take some time today to ask yourself: in the tumult of this time, with the world furrowed like freshly turned soil, what seeds do you want to plant? As the thaw emerges, what dreams do you want to push into the loose, dark depths— for the collective, for the Earth, and for yourself?



Once upon a time my dream was to create a business where I could make a livelihood doing the things I loved: being in nature, reading books, pondering the big questions, and connecting with people. I dreamed of a career that allowed me to follow the interests of my soul full-time. A business that was a force of generosity, encouragement, inspiration and hope in the world.

Then, during the lockdown, it finally hit me— my dream had come true. In the hardship of this past year, while everything else in my life seemed so uncertain, my business was a touchstone. A place of not just comfort and security, but purpose, beneficence and hope. The seed I planted so long ago had finally bloomed— and your seed will too.

The businesses that rise up out of this time will be the forces that shape the world to come. The dream of your business is not only possible, it is essential in the creation of this new world. If the ground of this past year has been a dream incubator for your idea of a business, I’d love to support you in making those dreams come true in Business as a Spiritual Journey

five-week course inspired by my years as both a business owner and guide, Business as a Spiritual Journey was made to help compassionate and earth-connected empaths like you create the business you’ve always dreamed of, in a way that feels truly aligned with your soul.