Can I Send you a Book?

This time last year I was nervously waiting for my book to come out. 
I couldn’t seem to sit still. 
I walked up and down to the creek. I braided and unbraided my hair. I carried my five-month old in circles around the garden, picking peppermint leaves with every turn. 
Then, it came out…and it was one of the most vulnerable, wonderful, fulfilling and far-fetched days of my life. 
It still feels that way! 
But mostly I’m just in awe of you, and all the incredible people this book has brought into my world.
Today, to celebrate Mirrors in the Earth’s one-year anniversary, I’m shipping out my own personal copies for the first time…and I’d love to send you one!
Do you want your own signed or personalized copy of the book
We’ve got a small stack available for purchase. I’ll be heading into the studio later this week to write a note inside for you. So if want one, go nab it!

If you purchase a book you’ll also automatically get 20% off the Earth Mirror Meditations (a set of guided audio meditations that go along with each chapter of the book) or the Complete Healing Collection (literally all the MIE swag— the book, the meditations, the essence collection and the leather bookmark).

Since the book has come out I’ve felt like a spider, sailing on silk, jumping from a high leaf into a world of such incredible connections.

I’m in awe of the webs that have been spun. Between me and you. Between my life story and the stories of so many dear senstiives around the world.

Between us all, and the Earth. 

It’s been inspiring me to dream again about getting back to leading in-person events (maybe a writing retreat some time in the future?).

But since life as a new mama has meant going at a slower pace for now, I’ve decided to open Writing the Earth’s Voice to the public!

Writing the Earths’ Voice is an online writing workshop and series of magic lessons designed to help you open a conversation with the living world so you can understand your creative gifts.
Previously the course was only available to folks who pre-ordered the book, but I’ve loved connecting here with fellow creatives, sensitives and earth-lovers so much I’ve decided to open the course as an ongoing offering.
You’ve brought such magic to my life, dear one. Thank you for being a part of this wild journey, and for letting me be a part of yours. 

P.S. The photo at the top of this blog post is of me and Mirrors in the Earth… with it’s brand new emblem! We just found out that Mirrors in the Earth won a 2022 Nautilus book award and I couldn’t be more delighted.