The Feminine Mysteries of Winter

A hellebore in the snow

I walked up the fog-laden path. I could hear sheep grazing nearby, but couldn’t see them through the thick wool of the clouds. I knew I was getting close because the air itself seemed to still. Then, out of the mists, arose the mound, an outcropping of stone associated with the most ancient Goddess of the Celtic Isles— The Cailleach. On this first visit to Ireland, I had expected to connect with many of the deities that populated the land of my ancestors. What I hadn’t anticipated was how clearly, and powerfully, this ancient goddess of the winter months would reach out to me.

The Cailleach is, arguably, the oldest deity of the Celtic pantheon. Known as the mother of all the other Gods and Goddesses, the Cailleach is associated with the wintertime and the deep roots of quietude and mystery that grow beneath the surface of this season. When I placed my hands on the stone of her hill in Ireland that day, I could feel her energy. It was clarifying as snow, potent as the winter wind, and wise as stone.

In cultures around the world, the wintertime was often associated with the most ancient feminine forces of the land. There is a reason why some of our most enduring holidays of mysticism occur during the cold months. Winter is a time when unseen energies steps forth out of the fog— when the above-ground world goes back to the roots and the hidden mysteries of spirit can bloom. Known as a time of divination, story telling, shamanic flights and visioning, winter is often connected to the deep, earthen magic of the feminine.

Each of us carry these feminine mysteries within us. During the winter, these mysteries rise to the surface. In my new video I show you how you can tap into the feminine magics of the winter months to create a season that holds truly visionary depths.

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 Winter was meant to be a celebration for the spirit, a time of healing in the deepest roots of our bodies and psyche, a well where we can replenish our soul’s wisdom.

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How ever you celebrate this season, know that the Earth is holding you. The depths you most desire, desire you too. And the magic you wish to experience in your life is right here, growing beneath the snow like a winter bloom.