Am I Too Sensitive To Start A Business?


As an empath, one of my biggest concerns in starting my business was that I was simply too sensitive to be an entrepreneur. I regularly felt depleted at events, I was nearly always overwhelmed by my inbox and I took every comment on social media to heart. When things got hard, I often found myself asking the universe…am I just too sensitive to have a business?

But, every time I asked this question, I was met with the exact same answer— No. In fact, you are built for this.

At first this response didn’t make sense, but overtime I began to understand the superpowers of being an empathic entrepreneur. As sensitive people, empaths have the incredible ability to connect to others on a heart level and truly understand what they’re going through. Because of this, empaths are actually designed to be able to read the collective need and respond by offering something truly helpful. Empaths are programmed to be healers, and they are here to create businesses that change the world.

We are at a turning point on Earth. Change is coming— change in the way we heal, in the way we live, and in the way “business as usual” is done. Empaths are here to revolutionize the economy by bringing the heart back into the entrepreneurial world. As empaths, we can shift business from being about the bottom line, to being about soulful service— but it begins with believing that what we have to bring is valuable.

You, in your introversion, in your sensitivity, in your empathic gifts are here to be a channel on this Earth. You are here to lead the way back to a more sane, heartfelt, and natural way of being. Beginning a business can seem scary, but it is also one of the most profound ways to shift the fabric of our reality. If we only stick with it, our businesses will show us the most precious thing of all— how to truly be ourselves.



Your businesses is your spirit guide. It is here to help you become more fully yourself and show you how your success is naturally tied to this authentic homecoming. The amazing thing is, when we simply allow ourselves to be who we are, our business transforms from something that challenges us, into something that supports us unconditionally. Business becomes a source of joy and a touchstone for our most authentic selves.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be passionate about entrepreneurship, but learning from my business is now one of my greatest joys. Since I started my own business coaching practice four years ago, I’ve helped more than a hundred other budding entrepreneurs, so I know all about the specific challenges of being a spiritually-connected person navigating the business world. After nearly ten years in business, I’ve created the ultimate guide to starting a spirit-led business— Business as a Spiritual Journey.

Business as a Spiritual Journey is a course that was specifically designed to help other empaths and sensitives flourish on the path of entrepreneurship. It includes an in-depth look at how to approach business from a soul-full perspective, and answers some of the biggest questions people have when creating a business. From the energetic— how do I know I’m enough? what are my gifts? when do I know I’m ready? To the brass tacks – what platform should I use to host my online course? what equipment do I need to record a video? how do I run a successful launch?

Everything I’ve learned over my years of birthing my business and guiding hundreds of other entrepreneurs is distilled into this five-week program. I’d love to see you there!