The Most Spiritual Path (It’s Not What You Think)


When I was younger I’d fantasize about living a “spiritual” life. I’d daydream about an idealized monkhood, where my only responsibilities were tending to the garden and meditating in stillness. I knew that life was meant to be more than the daily grind. From time-to-time, I had experiences that confirmed this. Walks where I could feel the trees leaning towards me. Moments when the sun hit the water in such a way that I couldn’t deny the invitation to connect with the divinity in everything. When those moments happened, I was always sure that my destiny didn’t lie in being a cog in the machine, but escaping to live in peaceful communion with all beings. I plugged away at school and jobs, but secretly I was still waiting for the time when I would finally get the pardon to retreat to the quiet nunnery of my own inner garden.

I thought that choosing a spiritual life meant disconnecting from all the trappings of modern society— but life had something far different in store for me. It turns out that the most spiritual journey we can undertake is not to disconnect from the world, but to decide to become a part of it. For all my desires to walk into the mountains and spend my life meditating in a cave, the most profound spiritual path I’ve ever taken was starting a business.

I was incredibly reluctant to start a business at first. I remember when the idea came in, I said out loud “oh, heck no!” I thought business was for manipulative Wall Street types who enshrined money as the bottom line. That wasn’t me. I wanted to live a spiritual, nature-based life where I could experience the meaningfulness of existence! Birthing a business seemed like the antithesis of this. What I didn’t realize at the time was that business would never take me away from my soulful path, it was the spiritual journey I had been seeking.



Starting a business was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. For years I poured everything I had into getting the business off the ground. It often felt like I was moving through molasses. Whenever I hit another wall, I crumbled into self-doubt— Did this mean I wasn’t on the right path? Are my gifts not enough? Am I just not meant to have a business?

In our culture, we see work as the place where we give our gifts to the world. Because we place this value on our careers, it naturally follows that our work becomes the very arena where we are invited to dance with our greatest blocks— and learn how to dissolve them. Starting a business is like signing up for a one-on-one coaching session with your personal spiritual guide. Your business is your teacher, it will help you release everything that has stood in your way since the beginning, so you can step into the meaningful role you were meant to fulfill on this planet.

The blocks that come up when you start your business are not a sign that you are on the wrong path. They are a signal that you are right on track in your spiritual development. My biggest block was the belief that I wasn’t good enough. I thought, in order to deserve a place in this world, I would have to be perfect, almost superhuman in my ability to be everything to everyone. Over the years my business gave me ample opportunities to meet this pervasive thought pattern head on… and transcend. Every time I hit a block, the business convinced me to stay with it. And every time I did, I was literally able to dissolve the frozen trauma that had created the block in the first place. My business gave me the opportunity to do this soul work and showed me how to get to the other side, a life of more profound spiritual exaltation, creativity, and connection then I ever could have imagined.



It took me a while to realize just how spiritual the process of building a business could be. But once I did, I changed from a reluctant business owner into a full-on spiritual entrepreneur. From barely scraping by, to making six-figures and hiring a team of employees. But, most importantly to all, this realization initiated me into the true profundity of this journey. Which is why I’m so delighted to share with you my online course— Business as a Spiritual Journey.

If you had told me ten years ago that I’d end up coaching other entrepreneurs I would have laughed so hard tea would have come out of my nose. But that’s exactly what happened. As my business bloomed from a place of true creative joy and authenticity, more and more people started asking me if I could be their guide. Since that time I’ve helped hundreds of other intuitives develop businesses that are truly in alignment with their soul.

My consultation books are now closed but, luckily, I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into Business as a Spiritual Journey. Created to help fellow spiritually-minded empaths navigate the business world, this course is like a year’s worth of coaching gathered into one place. It is an experience in completely reframing your relationship to business and getting the tools— both practical and spiritual—  you need to create the spirit-led business of your dreams.