You Are An Oracle


As impossible as it sounds— spring is already budding out here in the mountains. The vanilla of the snowdrop’s blossoms are melting and the crocuses have begun singing loudly from the lawn. The breeze is easeful, like a warm hand resting in the nook of your back. There is a soft persistence to these early spring days, as if the Earth is saying firmly but gently, come outside dear one, it’s time to move forward.

This invitation is familiar. Over and over again in my life I’ve felt that same inner-thaw arrive every time I’m meant to leave the small hut of my current life and step into something new. Maybe you’ve felt this too. A nudge from some spring-softened place inside of you, a tug like the smallest flower root, a flicker pushing you out of the box you’ve placed yourself in and out into the fresh air.

We all get nudges like this in our lives. A sense of something wholly mysterious pushing us to take a leap of faith, whether large or small. Like that moment we get an impulse to call a friend out of the blue or the day we start dreaming about creating own business. We all know those insistent inner instincts that say now is the time…take the step… do not be afraid. We often ignore them because they are so subtle, but when we respond to these quiet inner nudges, we become oracles for the world.

An oracle is, by definition, a medium through which divine messages or advice are given. Oracles are channels for greater wisdom and light on this earth. Growing up, I heard tales about the oracles of old— seers who sat over great cracks in the earth and saw visions, or shamans who stayed up all night with the moon and came back with wisdom for the community as a whole. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized— when we follow that sense of spring-time insistence inside us, we become oracles for each other.



I love picking tarot cards or throwing I-Ching coins, but some of the most profound and timely guidance I’ve ever received was from another human being. Whether it was a friend who had a hunch that I’d be interested in a certain newspaper clipping, or someone I follow on Instagram putting up a timely post, or a stranger who offered an offhand compliment and ended up giving me a life-changing affirmation. We are all oracles for each other. We all are here to bring divine messages that help one another flourish.

That feeling inside of you? That nudge to say something, do something, share something, start something? That is your own inner oracle speaking to you, and it is doing so because you are ready to let your gifts flow through you and out into the world.

When I first started my healing business I was really nervous. I couldn’t help but think “who the heck wants spiritual guidance from a 25-year-old?!” But that nudge to share was as insistent as a stand of daffodils in February snows. After years of trying other avenues with my business, I finally gave in. I started writing newsletters that were based on the inspirational guidance I was receiving from the Earth. I left traditional herbal consults behind and began offering coaching sessions and classes that focused on spiritual growth. I was terrified at first. I thought for sure that half of my audience would get up and leave. But something entirely different happened. Instead of unsubscribing, more people got on board. I was able to leave my part-time job and fully support myself. Most incredible of all, I began getting emails from folks telling me that the same insights I had so worried about sharing, were the very messages that they had been praying to hear. It took years, but when I embraced my role as an oracle, springtime finally came to my world.



No matter who you are, or what your life experience is, you were meant to be an oracle too. All you have to do is follow that sense of flowering inside of you and trust that what you have to share is enough. Because the truth is, it’s more than enough— what you are moved to say is exactly what someone else out there has been waiting to hear.

And on that note… if you are feeling a nudge inside of you to create a business that is truly aligned with the message your soul is here to carry, then this blog post might just be the sign you’ve been asking for.

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