You *are* the Oracle

Have you ever picked a tarot card only to have it confirm what you already knew?

Or consulted an intuitive and realized that all you really needed was affirmation that you could trust what you were feeling?

Looking back at all the major turning points in your life… can you sense the part of you that already knew what was enroute, and was just calmly preparing for what was to come?

It’s the most comforting, wondrous and sometimes unbelievable thing—

There is a part of us that always knows.
No matter how much you feel like you need outside wisdom to move forward, the truth is…
You are the oracle you’ve been seeking all along.

Like a quartz boulder at the heart of a mountain, within you is an unmovable, ancient, profoundly wise intelligence. 

Within you is the seer who holds the visions of your future.

The elder who can show you the way.

The guide that knows exactly what you need to set yourself free.

The answers to your biggest questions are right there, in the heart of the mountain.

And I want to help you find them.

If you’re ready to tune into the oracle within— to be guided into the next phase of your life (and have the clarity to know exactly what that is)…

Come join me for Winter Intuition School.

Enrollment for this live online experience closes Thursday.

We begin with our first class together on the lunar new year this Sunday. 

 I am so excited.

January 22nd – February 24th

Intuitive Development  
Shamanic Journeying
Dreamwork  • Channeling  
Working with Nature Spirits