When Your Dreams Come Back


A few days ago there was a change here in the mountains. A cool wind swept through the holler, and with it came the first scent of woodsmoke and autumn. It felt like a fresh draft of water for a parched soul. Fall has long been considered a time of renewed visioning. A season to take stock of where you’ve been, lay down the buzz of summer’s doing, and touch back into the part of you that believes in dreaming.

This year many of us had to put our dreams on hold. Back in spring, right when our visions would have been unfolding like crocuses, we were shuttled back indoors, our dreams forced back into their bulbs. But as the fall flowers begin to bloom, there is a feeling of revival in the air. An opening in the dense canopy. Hope flickering like firelight. Our dreams, returning.

In my garden the colchicums are starting to peek from the soil. Called “autumn crocuses” colchicums are pale pink angels that arrive just as the world begins to wane. In spring, the colchicums put out their leaves, only to have them die back by summertime. All during summer’s heat, it looks as if the colchicum, and its visions of flowering, have failed. But beneath the surface, the bulb is simply preparing. When those first cool winds of fall arrive, the flowers burst from the soil. With no leaves in sight, they seem like miracles, naked angels in a dark world— but they are simply the result of a dream gone underground, waiting for the perfect time to arise.



Your dreams are autumn crocuses. They did not go away, they were simply waiting, growing, gathering strength. And this fall, they are ready to be resurrected.

I believe in your dreams. And I believe in the good things coming.

And I believe that when we each tend our individual dreams— those blossoms that give us reason to hope— we do our part in creating the kind of world we all dream of.

On that note… if you’ve been dreaming of taking any of our online classes this fall, then perhaps this is the right moment to let that hope unfurl.