What your Favorite Flower Says About You


I hadn’t stepped foot outside in weeks. Freshly post-partum, I’d been nestled in bed since my daughter’s birth. Since that time we’d already seen several snows, and at least one night when our pipes froze solid, but today the sun was shining. Today, the first daffodils were blooming, and every fiber of my body was yearning for their sunshine. So I carefully wrapped my small daughter up in my arms and ventured out into the light.

In spring, the flowers start speaking to you again. You feel it every time you find a crocus, flowering like a miracle in the winter-flattened grass. Or when you glimpse a cherry tree blooming on the side of the road and your heart is tugged like wind through the windows. There is an irresistible ache that accompanies those first spring flowers— the need to not only be out-of-doors, but to start airing out parts of yourself that have been hidden away for a long time.

You are drawn to a particular flower for a reason. The blooms that call to you carry potent medicine— a healing that can help you emerge from an inner winter into a brand-new spring.

Is there a flower that is speaking to you this spring?

In my new video, I help you explore what your favorite flower says about you…and how that message can set you free.


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The month leading up to my daughter’s birth was tough. We got snowed in for weeks before I caught a gnarly respiratory infection on her due date. After her birth, I was recovering on many levels. Then, the daffodils bloomed.

Though new motherhood was still demanding long hours of interiority and rehabilitation, being with the daffodils— and their cheerful countenance— showed me a glimpse of who I was becoming. They reminded me of the part of myself that was just as gregarious, hopeful, outgoing and optimistic as their blooms. Sitting beside these sun-filled flowers, my newborn daughter sleeping in my arms, I stepped into a new spring of my life.

Plants are powerful medicine— they help the parts of yourself that have been buried like bulbs to bloom. You need only learn how to speak with them to ignite the flowering you’ve been longing for.

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