How to (finally) Write your Book

The Library at Terra Sylva

For a long stretch, the urge to write felt like waking up every morning to a cat curled on my chest—warm, insistent, weighty, undeterred. Yet every time I sat down, I found myself at a loss of how to actually write a book. It took me nearly ten years to figure it out— but in the process I found my earth-led calling and wrote a book that was a true reflection of my soul’s mission.
That book— Mirrors in the Earth: Reflection on Self-Healing from the Living World— will officially arrive on bookstands everywhere this June (more on that soon!). In the meantime I want to help you bring your book into being.
A few months ago, I asked you to share all your burning questions about writing a book. I collected the biggest questions—including: how to begin, the ins and outs of publishing, and what to do when you feel blocked— and created this video to draw back the veil.
If you’ve been waking up every morning thinking about the book you’re meant to write, my new video, How to (finally) write your book, was made for you. Come take a listen.


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There is a reason why the idea to write a book has come to you. 

There’s a reason why it has held on, why it won’t let you go. 

The Earth is asking you to write this book, because what you have to share is important. Your unique perspective and life path, the way you experience this world and translate that experience into words, carries a medicine that is utterly needed on this Earth. 

The world is asking you to write a book because this book will be a force of healing for our planet. Once you start, the Earth will be right there beside you, helping you to trust what you have to say and be brave enough to say it.

I’m so excited to share more about the release of my book this summer. In the meantime, you can scroll down for a first glimpse of the cover!

Now, back to quiet afternoons, baby coos and the new shores of motherhood.