What is your “Earth-Given Voice”?

You have a voice that is absolutely unique to you, dear one. It’s part of why you came here to this planet.

I call this voice—this way of being, expressing and emanating in the world—your “earth-given” voice. And life-changing things can happen when you embody it.

Connecting to my own earth-given voice helped me birth my first book, reach thousands of people around the world with my writings and classes, and guides me, always, to understand what my role is in this powerful time of planetary change…and what it isn’t.

To help you start to connect with your own earth-given voice, I made this video for you (in my brand new home studio!) Give it a watch to learn:

  • What is an earth-given voice?
  • Why you might have gotten disconnected from it
  • What happens when you reconnect to this voice
  • How embodying your voice can dissolve trauma
  • An exercise to tap back into your own resonance

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDVbQ1PY1Co[/embedyt]

And if this is speaking to you…I’d love to see you in our live class this Thursday!

Part writing workshop, part healing experience, this will be a one-time event in encountering your voice (and understanding the nature of your purpose on this planet). 

No previous writing experience necessary. I’m just so delighted to gather with you around this solstice bonfire, dear one.

Sign up to join me live (or get access to the replay within 24 hours). The whole class will be yours to keep forever.