How to Always Sit at your Center

Walk into any landscape and you’ll hear a choir of voices. The birds calling to one another from the swishing branches of a tree. The mycelium whispering to the soil. The brook speaking to the stones who are humming into the heart of everything.

Each voice in the natural world is important, each voice has a particular role to play in the overall balance of the Earth.

Your voice does too, dear one.

Finding your voice isn’t just about pinpointing your writing style or your specific flavor of artistic expression (although it can be that too).

Finding your earth-given voice means understanding the role you’re here to play in the wider ecology of healing on this planet.
It means knowing, with clarity, the way you’re meant to show up in this world. 
What work is yours to do. And what work simply isn’t.

People who embody their earth-given voice can move mountains. Not by yelling, or striving, or even efforting at all. They move mountains just by being themselves. 

You can move a mountain because you become a kind of mountain, a force that emanates grounded wellbeing.

When you know your own voice, you sit at the center of your power. And from there, anything is possible.

If you haven’t signed up yet, I’m teaching a one-time online class on next week’s solstice called Your Earth-Given Voice.

In this live two-hour experience you’ll be guided to:

  • Access your unique voice
  • Unblock your creative life-force
  • Get clarity on what your work is (and isn’t)
  • Connect to a center of calm certainty
  • Understand the ecologically unique role you’re here to fulfill

If something in you is resonating like a singing bowl when you read this, I’d love to see you there.

P.S. I’ll be back in your inbox next week.