The Forgotten Celtic Omen Days

I’ve always thought there was something special about the days between Christmas and the New Year.
The weeks leading up to Solstice are, of course, full of magic—especially when the celebrations are steeped in the earth’s rhythms, herbcraft and mystical lore.
But there’s a distinct magic to the week following.
The days between Christmas and the start of the new year are a time-out-of-time in our culture.
They’re a liminal space—where you aren’t quite done with the previous year, but the new cycle has yet to begin.
I always felt like I was missing something about this in-between time— then I learned about the Celtic Omen days…
Ready to redefine how you think about the last days of December (and get a glimpse of your year to come)?
Come learn about this forgotten, divinatory tradition.

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