Introducing: One Willow Apothecaries

california poppy basket


Today is one of those days that will stick out, alive and vibrant, in my mind forever. After over a year of writing, developing, photographing, and exploring I have pushed my small boat out into the harbor– One Willow Apothecaries has launched!

Over a year ago, the idea first appeared in the high meadows of my imagination. From the beginning it seemed like an exotic seed drifted from some unknown place. It felt, quite plainly, like something that came from somewhere else– a divine insistence to sit up and chase a fast flicker on the horizon. I never thought I would start an herbal business. My love of plants grew from long hours of solitary sifting of garden soil and scaling tall trees to examine their lichens. But One Willow was insistent. The idea, at first just a single wave far out in the ocean– soon delivered itself in a veritable tidal wave of inspiration. I was simply swept away.

What does fate look like when it comes knocking your door? To be honest with you, I’m not sure. But I can tell you what it feels like: One Willow has been like a small bee, escaping into the walls of my mind and setting up an incredibly intricate residence. Since it arrived it has filled these walls, quickly, tirelessly, with ever more of itself. Ideas upon ideas, whole nests of intention and purpose that literally shake me at times. Over this past year I could hear One Willow‘s demand for existence like you can hear a whole hive of hornets thriving in your roof. I could hear it, but still…I knew I was the one that had to give it shape.

It’s a tall order– trying to fulfill one’s dreams, continue the natural path of your life, and keep one ear, always, to the unknown ground of destiny. But it’s been a common theme in my life that when the time comes for a big life change, I arrive at the crossroads and the decision seems to have already been made. I feel lucky to have had such paths cleared so early, so unmistakably.

I am proud to have given this dream, something I honor and respect as an entity unto itself, a space to exist in the world. I welcome One Willow Apothecaries into existence and am so excited to see how it continues to blossom.

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