Connect with your Past Life Guides

Who you’ve been holds great wisdom. When we need answers, we usually look outside of ourselves for help. And yet, each of us carries a memory bank of profound inner knowing and experience.
What if, every time we thought we needed to seek a psychic or pick a tarot card all we actually needed was to contact our past life selves?
We’ve all lived past lives. Incarnations in this lifetime, and beyond.
Within us is the young adult full of ambition, the teenager who wasn’t afraid to live passionately, the child steeped in wonder and wisdom beyond their years. Within us too are the lifetimes beyond this life. All the people, teachers, artists, and leaders our soul has ever chosen to become.
Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, we all have past life selves who are ready to be our guides through life’s greatest mysteries.
Are you ready to receive the answer to your biggest question? Check out my new video for an exercise to contact a past life guide and receive the clarity you’ve been seeking.

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This time of the year my thoughts always wander into mystical terrain. Past lives, spirit guides, the inner mysteries.

With the trees newly bare, gateways appear everywhere. I see them open like archways between the trees.

I enter with curiosity into the open forest of myself.

And the life I yearn for steps out of the invisible world, like a doe from behind a tree, to make itself known to me.
How do you experience this time of the thinning of the veil?

In anticipation of these dark nights of the year, I’ve been working on something I’m seriously thrilled about. I won’t be announcing it until next month. But here’s a 4-word hint… intuition, retreat, live, online.

I am so excited.

I’ll be sharing all the details with you in December. In the meantime, I hope the shifts of this season are bringing much depths to your world.