Are you a Psychopomp?

I remember the first time I had one of the dreams. 
My older friend, who was like an auntie to me, had died. I was a teenager and deeply distraught so I drove to my best friend’s house to sleep over with her that night. I woke at dawn the next morning, holding my eyes open long enough to glimpse the sunlight before falling back asleep. Suddenly, I was in a dream and the light had transformed into a white dove. I watched as the dove flew over a wide, shimmering lake. 
I knew immediately it was my friend, come to tell me she had made the transition. 
When the dove got to the other side, it turned into a heron. Even in the dream I thought this was curious. But the feeling rippling out from over the lake was one of deep freedom, contentment, and peace.
That week I reached out to her husband to tell him about this uplifting dream—and that last, odd image. I thought he might find it interesting. I had no idea how much this detail would mean…
Unbeknownst to me, in the last few months of her life my friend had become obsessed with herons. She would visit our town’s lake every time she had strength, and even started donating substantial money to a heron rescue fund. “They had completely captivated her,” he said. “I didn’t understand it then. But now it all makes sense. She was preparing to go, and they were helping her. This dream couldn’t have come from anyone but her.”
It took me years before I found a word that helped me make sense of the kinds of dreams, feelings, and communications I would experience from time-to-time—psychopomp.
But when I understood what a psychopomp was, it completely changed the way I thought about myself, and the nature of the world.
Are you someone who feels comfortable in the depths? 
Do you have profound dreams or moments of unexpected intuition?
You might be a psychopomp
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Because here’s the truth— we’re all psychopomps.
Whether or not you have dreams about loved ones on the other side, we all came here to help bridge what is dying on this Earth into new life. 
Autumn is the time of the deep letting go, the transition, the turning from the physical world to the inner realms of the spirit.
The thinning of the autumn veil isn’t just a saying— it’s real.
Every fall my dream life picks up again. I have moments of synchronicity and connection with the ancestors. I can feel the texture of the unseen world rise right to the surface, and the richness often leaves me in wonder.
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