You are a Flower Essence for this World


For those with sensitive hearts, the problems of this world can often feel too big. And with every challenge on earth amplified this past year, it’s enough to wonder: how can one small, sensitive person make a difference in such a big world? But when we look to flower essences— and the ancient wisdom they carry— we see that we don’t need to get bigger in order to make a difference. Sometimes, the most powerful thing in the world is powerful because it’s small.

Atoms, pollen, a quantum leap. Small things can change the world, starting with the world within. Flower essences are small medicines that can create big change. Made from blossom-steeped water, a single flower essence can make hundreds, if not thousands, of bottles of medicine. And all we need are a couple drops to begin shifting the deepest layers of our being.

When people ask me how flower essences work, this is what I say: some things have been buried so deep inside us, it’s as if they are under lock and key. Accessing this deep-sea chest often feel impossible. Every time we try to approach it directly our alarm bells go off. In order to access this treasure— the parts of us that are ready to be healed and the seeds of our unique potential— we need something that is small enough to go through the keyhole. Flower essences can reach the deepest places within us, changing our life on the most essential levels, because they are small enough to go through that keyhole.



Years ago, I was in session with a client who was having profound breakthroughs by working with flower essences. She was healing from a chronic illness and coming home to parts of herself that had felt buried by childhood trauma. In the wake of this transformation, she decided to leave her draining corporate job and open her own healing practice working with plant medicine. She was elated, but also terrified. Living in a conservative town in the Midwest, she didn’t know anyone else in her community who had even heard of flower essences. She wondered, when she opened the doors to her practice, if anyone would even show up.

That’s when I reminded her— you are a flower essence in the well of your community. All you need is a single drop to change the whole makeup of the water. You may seem small, but the energy of your blossoming will naturally open the hearts around you. As Saudi women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif once said, “the rain begins with one drop.”

Later that year her healing business opened and she was shocked to find her community lined up outside her door— curious, open-hearted and eager to learn about what she was offering.

If you need a reminder that you are changing the world every time you take a step in the direction of your own blooming, check out my new video
: You are a Flower Essence for this World. It’s a phrase I say to myself often these days, and it always helps me continue bravely down my path of becoming.


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