Working with Elementals


I feel like I need to get something clear right from the get go. I never believed in faeries as a kid. It just wasn’t a thing for me. Growing up in the wonderfully Seinfeld cynicism of the northeast, faeries were pretty much the last thing I was going to invest myself in (at least publicly). I remember wishing I could believe in things like imaginary friends and earth spirits, it sounded pretty fun. But the hard tack atmosphere of Philly-style credulousness forged me as a cynic right from the start.

It wasn’t until I was an adult and began experiencing chronic pain that I started reaching for something beyond what I had been handed as truth. It wasn’t until I started talking to trees and watching the world that I realized just how much I didn’t know. How big the mystery was, and how small my own gaze could be. And suddenly, one day when I was out wandering the stream bed it hit me… oh my goodness, faeries were real all along.

Because when I left everything I thought I knew behind, I could feel the currents of just how much flows through the unseen. I could sense that the earth was animated by deep rivers of consciousness, much deeper than my simple human mind could entirely conceive. I saw my smallness, my very human self-centeredness, and it was a relief to let it go completely.

I realized that to believe that my one consciousness could perceive all there is to be seen is tantamount to a house fly thinking she has seen the entire world in her lifetime. It was liberating, to realize just how little I knew. And when I finally embraced the fact that there was an Otherworld, just beyond my gaze, I opened a channel for true magic to begin to flow from the unseen into my daily being.



I’m what you call clairsentient. I know things because I feel them. Most of the time I don’t have visions or hear voices, I just sink into the animal of my body and move from the gravity tug of feeling. I believed that faeries (or elementals) existed. I could feel them. But I never expected to see one…. Until, I did.

It was one of those moments where there is no space for disbelief. It happens, you embrace it completely, and then afterwards you find yourself spinning… what gift was I just given?

Autumn is the season of the Otherworld. The season when the skin-thin partition between the seen and the unseen softens. It’s a time when we can come more closely in contact with the denizens of the Otherworld and establish a flow of communication that can guide us through the rest of the wheel of the year.

Plants are often eager to help us make these connections. They are bridge builders between the seen and the unseen. There are certain plants I call on just for this reason. You can learn more about them (and how to open the gateways to deep perception) in my Herbs for the Otherworld course. I’m excited to gather with you there.


And as for my story of seeing a faerie, well, I’m happy to share the tale with you on this blustery Autumn day. Grab a cup of tea and come get cozy with me in my new new video below, Working with Elementals.

And remember that the easiest way to access the Otherworld is so much more simple than you think…. just play.


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