Why you’re Meant to Work with Plants

I used to not know how to “be” in this world.
I mean, I knew how to respond to emails and return my library books, but there was an undercurrent to life that often felt uncomfortable, as if I was living in a world that wasn’t actually built for me.
I had to steel myself to do things other people took in stride. Like squeezing myself onto a busy subway, making a phone call in the morning, or watching the news. I’d try to keep pace with the life swirling around me, but I’d often end up overwhelmed— or worse, dealing with another cycle of chronic illness or pain. 
I often felt like something must be wrong with me. Why couldn’t I handle this world? 
But then I realized there was a whole other world beyond the world I had been handed. A world of gentle willow branches, and petals collected for medicine, and moss growing slowly over millennia-old stone.
A world of walks out to the meadow to pick clover and wind moving through tall grass.
I connected to this other world—the green world, the natural world, the living world— and it showed me that there was never anything wrong with me. 
I was just a sensitive person. 

And, in fact, this sensitivity was why the plants reached out to me in the first place…because sensitivity (mine and yours) is a gift that’s meant to help the Earth.

Sensitive people aren’t ill-equipped for this world… we were made to help heal this world, by leading the way back to a gentler, quieter, more attuned way of being.

For this reason, if you’re a sensitive, the guides in nature are already reaching out to you…because they want to help you unlock the distinctly extra-sensory gifts you carry.

After working with sensitives for a decade I’ve seen it over and over…

People who were once labeled “too” sensitive, too emotional, too shy, start connecting with the plants as teachers and suddenly that “too much” or “not enoughness” transforms into something entirely, extraordinarily magical…

The ability to receive profound messages from nature. 
To hear the plants speak, telling you exactly what medicine you (or someone else) needs.
To perceive what is imperceivable
—to see the life-force in a tree, hear the song in a river.
To receive the profound downloads of insight we humans need to reorient ourselves to the life-giving reality of this planet
…and help us 
all come back to the deeper world that is calling us.

I have collected more stories than I can count of sensitives who have opened their connection to nature through my program Intuitive Plant Medicine and experienced miracles, but here are just a few….

Gathered in Intuitive Plant Medicine, my longest running program, are all the tools and practices I use as a sensitive to connect to the living world, so you can unlock the “extra-sensory” gifts that you’re meant to use to help this world.

The course is a gathering of sensitives, a woodland of empaths, a circle of people who understand what it’s like to look around and say…there is another, much deeper world waiting for us all.

Your medicine is so needed in that deepening, dear one. So let the plants help you step into this potential.

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