Why Vaginal Health Issues Manifest


I spent years of my life struggling with mysteriously unsolvable vaginal health issues. First, it was chronic yeast infections. No matter what prescription I used, whether it was given to me by my gynecologist or a clinical herbalist, the infections never seemed to get better. Then, it was a chronic pain condition call vulvodynia. At one point I was even told that there was nothing I could do to stop the incessant pain but get surgery to remove my nerve endings. And then came the BV (bacterial vaginosis). It seemed like no matter what kind of straight-forward route to healing I took, it always lead to a dead end.

But everything changed when I realized that healing in this part of our body wasn’t meant to be straightforward. It was meant to subtle, spiritual, a spiraling gateway into the depths of numinous possibility. At it’s heart, vagina healing is multidimensional. When we can venture into its tender realms of emotional and spiritual healing, this part of our body can become a portal into our destiny.

Over the last thirteen years of working with vaginal health issues, both with myself and my clients, I’ve found over and over again that this area of our body is one of our most sacred communicators. And what it is trying to tell us is not only life saving, but spirit healing in the most profound way. When we can approach vaginal health issues from a multidimensional standpoint, we open a gateway to experience our own multifaceted abilities… and the incredible meaning behind our presence here on the planet.

If you, or someone you know, has been dealing with pelvic health issues and feels frustrated by the lack of answers available, then this new video is for you. Click on the image below to hear what your root might be trying to communicate to you.


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So often we experience a challenge in an area of our body and we think that means this is our weak spot. But I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. I have seen over and over again that we manifest imbalance in a part of our body, not because that part is defunct, but because this is where our untapped power resides. If you are experiencing vaginal imbalances, it’s not because you are deficient or damaged, it is because there is so much potential here that your body will not allow you to move through life without seeing it.

If you are going through a challenge in this area of your body, you aren’t alone. I’ve been there and know exactly how you feel… and because I’ve seen what kind of life-changing healing is possible (including dissolving all of my seemingly immovable vaginal health issues), I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.

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