Why the Earth Created You

I’ve always known I was sensitive. As a kid I often felt deeply affected by things others seemed to take in stride. Like sleepovers. I still remember how hard they were. Long after everyone else had fallen sleep I would be lying immobile in my sleeping bag, staring at the ceiling and praying for dawn, my nervous system fizzling like a set of birthday sparklers.
For a long time, I thought this sensitivity was a flaw in me. It seemed like it separated me from others.
Then I started interacting with the natural world and I realized that my sensitivity wasn’t what set me apart, it was what made me a part of nature. Among the trees and creeks, my sensitivity was celebrated. And I learned a truth that would change my life…
Nature intentionally creates sensitive people, because, as sensitives, we have an invaluable gift to bring to the world.

If you identify as sensitive or empathic and have struggled with feeling out-of-place in this world, this new video is for you. Drop in to learn why the Earth specifically created you.

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As we tip into the autumn season here, I can feel the sensitivity of the Earth rising to the surface. The leaves fall with the slightest ruffle of the wind. The apples bruise where they touch the ground. The colors of the marigolds heighten, glowing bright as firelight before the coming of the frost.

The psyche, too, becomes more sensitive, attuned to the spirit behind things. Turning like a weather vane towards subtlety and meaning.

Autumn asks you to celebrate your sensitivity. To see it for what it is— a conduit to the Otherworld, a gateway to perceive the hidden nature of things, and an initiation into the magic within.

If you’re a sensitive who is looking for more Earth-held support on your journey, cozy up with a copy of my book Mirrors in the Earth this fall.

And if you want to go even deeper, download the Earth Mirror Meditations as a companion for the journey. Created for sensitive-hearted people everywhere, these mirrors will show you just how much the Earth cherishes you (exactly as you are).