This Took Me Ten Years to Write


I’m still a bit in wonder that this day is actually here. My first book Mirrors in the Earth is officially available for pre-order!

By the time this book arrives on June 28th it will have been ten years since I started it. I still remember that first day vividly. I had taken my tiny laptop to our local library and was sitting underneath the big arched windows, looking out over a green-fringed pond where the herons visited. As I watched the sunlight fall into the water, I felt something streaming through me—but couldn’t give it a name. All I knew was that this something was a message from the Earth, and it was important that I listened.

The Earth isn’t a neutral bystander, it is a loving teacher who wants us to know something essential. You are welcome here. And your journey of learning self-compassion is an essential part of healing the world.

These 12 nature essays—exploring different ecologies, plants, fungi and stones— are mirrors, given from the Earth, that will reflect back to you just how natural your own journey is, and how profoundly you belong.

With exercises and reflection prompts at the end of each essay, Mirrors in the Earth coaxes you to come as you are, discovering the inherent medicine that lives within you.

From the manatee-calm springs of wild Florida to the flower-dotted coves of the most biodiverse mountains in the world, this book is an encounter with the benevolence of the living world— and a nature therapy session for the soul.

When you preorder your copy before June 28th you’ll also get access to a free online writing workshop with me (and more!) 


Order today and claim these book bonuses…


Online Writing Workshop
🌿 Four modules with audio lessons and guided writing exercises
🌿 Access to a community of like-minded writers and nature lovers
🌿 Guidance to help you uncover the gifts you were meant to bring to this Earth


Behind-the-Scenes Video
Come over to my house for an exclusive look into the making of the book with this intimate video. I answer all your biggest questions about book writing, inspiration, publication and more.


Live Reading + Q&A
Join me for a private online book party on June 28th @ 7 pm EST. Only open to folks who’ve pre-ordered the book. I’ll be sharing intimate stories, reading one of my favorite parts, and answering your questions live!
Putting Mirrors in the Earth out into the world is a dream come true. Thank you for being a part of this monumental moment in my life. I cannot wait for this book of earth-given comfort to arrive to your postbox.